The 10 Best Routes for Cycling in the US

Tired of the hustle and bustle of city life? The good news is, there are lots of roads to explore on your bicycle. There are thousands of these roads in the United States, but we chose the following because of their diversity, beauty and of course the challenge.


We chose locations from around the country and as you’ll see they’re hard to match in terms of vistas. Some of you might be looking forward to a leisurely ride on your bike, while others may be in it for more complex climbs. Either way you won’t be disappointed with these.

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Sea to Summit, California

Here you’ll see some of the best scenery that Northern California has to offer including the Golden Gate Bridge, the beautiful Stinson Beaches as well as the Pacific Shoreline.


The Headlands can be demanding but much more so Mount Tamalpais. This is a 2500 foot, 9 mile climb so make sure you’ve got the right bike.

It’s going to take a while but when you get to Bolinas Ridge you’ll see why cyclists go here. From the redwood forests to the beaches, there’s plenty to see here.


San Juan Islands, Washington

This is worth checking out for its beautiful views, the open country and the hills. If you’re after more challenging terrain check out Turtleback Mountain and Mt. Constitution at Orcas, while the flat lands on Lopez is perfect for leisurely rides.

biking by river side

Don’t forget to check out Friday Harbor, the public sculpture park as well as the seafood joints at Roche Harbor. While you’re here, drop by the Lime Kiln Point Lighthouse along Haro Strait and catch the killer whales.


Oregon Coast

Drop by the coast around July and September and you’ll see some stunning beaches, bike trails, waterfalls and forests. For maximum pleasure take your time cycling, and don’t forget to check out the views on Highway 101. You’re also going to see more than a few hills here too.


We know there are a lot of beautiful scenic locations in Oregon, but we had to go with this one as it’s just a cut above the rest. And while you’re here, we can’t stress enough to just take your time and savor the view.


Tour of the Battenkill, New York

Here you’ll follow the path of the Battenkill Tour and pass by railroad crossings, classic farm country scenery and 15 miles of rugged dirt road to explore.


The terrain is kind of rugged so make sure your bike has 28 inch wheels or bigger. The climbs are short but challenging. If you want the most picturesque scenery, drop by in October.


Mt. Evans Climb, Colorado

This is worth passing by for the 14,271-foot Mt. Evans, the highest paved road in the country. It’s going to take you more than three hours, but with views of the Eastern Plains and the Rockies, it’s worth it. Don’t forget to cruise by Idaho Springs and pass by Chicago Greek Canyon.


You’ll also want to cruise along Echo Lake, and when you get past the tree line you’re going to see some pretty good views. If you plan to ride all the way to the summit, wear a jacket and a good bike.


Dirty Kanza Half-Pint, Kansas

If you want to see America’s best farmlands? Then this is the place to be. However this is not for the faint of heart: they don’t call this Dirty Kanza for nothing as it’s a tough terrain. The route here is 200 miles, but even the 60 mile dirt road is tough enough.

farmland biking


Going-to-the-Sun Road, Montana

If you’re an advanced cyclist, the trek up to 6,648-foot Logan Pass is the ultimate challenge. While it won’t be easy you’ll be rewarded along the way with views of stunning glacial lakes, wildflower meadows, sharp peaks and exotic wildlife.


Take the park’s west entrance for a beautiful scenic view that stretches 21 miles. From the view at Lake McDonald, you’re going to come across 3000 feet of terrain, so enjoy it.


Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina

get more than 450 miles of scenic locations. From the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to the Shenandoah National Park to waterfalls and wildlife, there’s no lacking of scenic views to see here.


There are a lot of ways to view the scenery here, but you’ll want to check out Brevard for some mountain biking and also Asheville too.


A Ride Through Time, Utah

The landscape around the 122 miles of Route 12 is among the most picturesque in the US. Sandwiched between the Capitol Reef National Parks and Bryce Canyon are among the most beautiful canyons and natural formations you’ll see.


If you have never been to Boulder and Bryce, it’s something you have to see for its Puebloan granaries, stratified cliffs and the petrified forests. After crossing Bryce you’re going to see the beautiful town of Tropic, Henrieville and Cannonville. As you’re pedaling don’t forget to go by Dixie National Forest.


Champlain Islands, Vermont

The Champlain Islands is situated to the north of Burlington. Surrounded by Lake Champlain you’ll see the Green Mountains along the east and to the west the Adirondack Mountains. As you drive by the flat roads nearby you’re going to be treated with beautiful vistas of the mountains.


If you take the route at Burlington, you’re going to enjoy the view along the Island Line Trail. When you get to The Cut you’ll be able to avail of the bike ferry that takes you to the southern end of the island and the lovely scenery.

Final Words

Cycling along these scenic roads is something that you have to experience. Words don’t do it justice. So the next time you’ve got some downtime, why don’t you check out the best that America has to offer for cyclists? Biking is not just good for your body but for the mind and soul as well.

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