24″ Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Boys Mountain Bike Review

This is one of the most sophisticated boys' bikes out there, and there is a good reason for it. In designing boys' bikes the assumption usually is that the bikes will be good but not very good because kids need not a very sophisticated bike model.


The Mongoose bike throws all these theories out of the window in the coming up of something truly spectacular that even rival some of the bikes that are usually reserved for older people.

This bike isn't just your normal bike as it has features that make it stand out in the best way possible. The bike came into our life as a gift from a friend of mine, and I have never regretted having it with us.

I thought my kid would be reluctant to leave his old bike for this one, but I was very wrong. The bike is made to impress kids with its advanced model and easy handling.

My kid has never asked for another bike after this and I don't think he ever will.

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Frame Strength






  • Large tires
  • Good smoothing fork
  • Solid Aluminum-Built Frame
  • Good number of brakes
  • Gear support


  • Younger kids may find it hard to use

Key Features


Smoothing Fork

The presence of a fork on a bicycle is of vital importance. The fork serves some purposes on different bikes but on this one the fork serves to provide a form of smoothing to the bike.

This is important, and the bike owner will appreciate the smoothest nature of rides that he will be able to get from this bike. Children especially will find it comfortable.


Gear Changing Mechanisms

The bike Hands the owner the ability to change gears as easily as if he were doing nothing.

The mode that the bike uses to ensure gear changing is called twist shifting, and it enables the changing of gears in an instant so that the bike is easy to handle and any mishaps prevented. This makes the bike safe to use and Easy to handle in the long term.


Gear Support

Lots of bikes may claim to have gears. And while that is true the support offered to these gears is a very important thing that is rarely talked about. This bike offers the best gear support there is to ensure that the bike can last long.

The bike without its gears is like a piece of useless metal that cannot help the user very much. It is important for all bikes to have gear support at the very least.


Great Stopping Power

A good bike is determined by how much control it gives to the rider. The amount of control given to the rider is a direct product of the amount of braking power that the bike offers.

This bike has super advanced brakes that can give the rider the ultimate control they need in those times when brakes have to be used. The bike has brakes that use the popular linear pull technology to make them safe for use on your bike.


Aluminum Frame

The frame of the bike is like the skeleton. It is the base upon which all other components of the bike rest and therefore has to be in good shape to handle all the pressure that will fall on it.

In designing the frames, it is important to look at the kind of metal used to ensure that this metal is durable enough and can also offer protection in other ways. This bike is made from an aluminum frame.

Aluminum is among the lightest metals around and having a bike made of it makes it very light to hold. On top of being light, it is also hard and durable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the color options for this bike?

A: The color options are silver and red.

What is the nature of the rims on this bike?

A: The rims are your standard alloy rims. They are strong yet durable and are also very light.

What is the appropriate age set for kids who should use this bike?

A: Any kid above ten and below fourteen will appreciate this bike immensely.

Final Words

Bikes like this one are a very rare species. The quality that was put into its making is mind-blowing if you think about it.

The design is flawless, and all the added parts work together to make the bike a real winner in the Department of kids bikes. I would tell any parent or even any kid who wishes to buy a bike for themselves to go for this bike quickly.

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