49cc 50cc 2 Stroke Gas Motorized Dirt Bike Review

Dirt bikes are motorized bicycles that are more advanced versions of your average bikes. A motorized bike must be well equipped to move and carry out their tasks at higher efficiency than normal bikes.


​Normally, I am not a fan of these kinds of bikes, and it takes quite a lot to impress me with one of these, but all that was before I came face to face with 49cc 50cc 2 stroke gas motorized dirt bike.

The impression it left on me was one that I am likely never to forget. The bike came to me as a gift from a very good friend on one of my birthdays. He thought I needed some switch up and promptly suggested this bike.

I took my time to warm up to it. It took me time to read through the manual and get up to grips with the basic operations of the bike.

But when I did get to know how the bike works, it was all fun for me. The features below are those that I came across during the time that I was learning about the bike. These features are what eventually I came to appreciate and realize are the best there are.

Frame Strength






  • Tires made of quality rubber
  • Superb engine cooling System
  • Expansion chamber
  • Simple Operation
  • Dual brakes


  • Premix of oil and fuel in tank needed for a bike to run well

Key Features


Simple Operation

Giving someone a motorized bike can sometimes feel like the worst torture in the world. It takes time to get up to grips with all the controls and modes. This bike, however, is very different.

The controls are easy to get to know and once you know them then controlling the bike becomes the easiest of things. It does not take a professional to know how to control this bike.


Hand Operated Brakes

The brakes provide the first safety option for any user of the bike. If the brakes are dysfunctional in any way, then expect the bike to have serious problems while being ridden. It is important to have brakes that can easily control.

The bike has two brakes, a front break, and a rear break so that you can have total control and total safety as you ride your bike.


Heavy Duty Tires

The tires to any bike have to be well designed because they will take a lot of abuse. This is why these tires are twelve inches thick and are made of heavy duty rubber that works well to give the tires both grip and make them the safest for use on the roads.

These tires are also long lasting meaning that as a user you will not have to replace them often.


Air Cooled Engine

The mode used in making the engine cool down is air based. The advantages of this method are many. First of all air cooling is very effective because air is always at a lower temperature than the engine.

Secondly, the air is free, so there is no cost associated with cooling. On top of this, the air does not lead to environmental degradation as other kinds of coolants do.


Expansion Chamber

There is an expansion chamber that allows for quick throttle response such that the torque is also released on a good time. This allows the bike to be easily operated and safe. Efficiency is also achieved in the end. This is a very important development in this bike

Frequently Asked Questions

What color combinations is the bike available in?

A: The bike comes in red, blue, black, green, pink, and other modes. The color that the buyer wants is most likely to be found.

Does the bike come with accessories?

A: Yes, the bike is equipped with other components that aid in its functioning at all times.

What is the size of the oil tank in this bike?

A: The size of the tank on this bike is one gallon.

Final Words

The bike might be a boy's bike, but that does not mean that it is one of the most awesome out there. It is a motorized bike which means it works at a higher level than your normal bike.

If you buy this bike for your child or even for yourself, you will be doing a great thing that you will never regret. The bike is surely one of the best.

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