About Us

Welcome aboard! This is TheSportsUp.com. And you are about to sail in the ocean of sports! Want to know about indoor or outdoor sports? Here you are! Want to buy anything related to sports? Oh well, I see! Here you are again! And please don’t seek any joke shop here, I assure you with my heavy heart that you will find none here!

Who am I?
I’m Walter Kalb, a sports enthusiast. I’m the editor in chief and co-founder of thesportsup.com. I love to share what I know about sports. I live in West Virginia with my sweet wife and two beautiful children, Marry and Hannah. Beside them, sports are everything that I love.

We have expert contributors from all over the world. Here we provide information, advice, and resources for the sports. Our aim is to share knowledge with you and help you fall in love with sports.

I feel proud to be the co-founder of TheSportsUp.com by which I help hundreds of sports fanatics every month!

Why TheSportsUp.com?
I know (and you know that too), there are a lot of websites on the internet about sports. However, I find that most of them just an e-commerce site where they are just trying to sell their product. But here, you’ll get pure of information which will save your time and help you to choose the best sports product. We also include the  pros and cons of every product which may give you extra information before taking any buying decision!

How can you help us
As you know, none of us are perfect! And we know that some of you know even better than us. If you guys can find any wrong information that we mistook, please let us know without any hesitation. You can also give any suggestion about our website, so that it can be more helpful to you.