5 Types of Basketball Offense That Will Help You to Win the Game

In the world of basketball, there are a lot of offensive strategies that you can use that are specifically designed to use teamwork, to isolate players for shots that are good against the number of defenses that can be found in a game.


In order for your offense to be successful, it must always be simple and with momentous emphasis on the executions and fundamentals.

Spacing offensively also holds significance in the game, because this provides strong offensive rebounding positions and allowing your players to create defensive balance between one another.

These offensive strategies must also be as flexible as they can so that they can have massive pressure on the defensive team. All counter options must also be present so that they can take advantage of any over traps and plays defensively.

As a basketball player, one must always be aware of all the plays that are given especially if these are offensive or defensive, as it plays a huge impact on the game. Most of these offenses can be categorized into 5 different types, which are early, set, motion, zone, and spread.


These are all very effective offensive strategies, once you get the hang of all of it and you have already familiarized yourself with all of them, success can be easily reached.

To familiarize yourselves with all, we have broken down each type of offensive strategy, so that you can take advantage of it in your training sessions.

5 Types of Basketball Offense Strategies

Basketball aside from it being a fun past time is also a sport that requires careful analyzation and strategic planning to help you get ahead of other teams before a game.

That is why game plays on both the offense and defense need to be precise so that team members can learn it during training. Here are 5 of the most common offense strategies that you can use, that you can help your team members learn while training:


Early Offense

The secret is, Early offenses depend on the quick, wide lane releases, passes made in the inbound, and advance passes to reach the operating offensive areas before all of the defenders can hide away in to the front area of the court.

If the ball advances within 2 to 3 seconds of the operating offensive area, the defenders on the other team will most likely spread out, generating an opportunity for the offensive team to attempt a shot at the basket.


Take note that getting into offense too early and before the defensive team can establish a player match up, can also create a mismatch severely.

So when the early push does not create a good opportunity for you to take your shot, make sure that you move right into the flow of the offensive without allowing the defensive team to set up.


Set Offense

Even though most team members would prefer to perform the fast break, up beat, transition type of game that embodies basketball strategies today, the “set play” offense is a good strategy to use.

This type of strategy uses teamwork and action screening to create good opportunity for basket shots. It is also the type of play that is usually used to build the team’s players.

set offence

You will notice that if a team uses this type of play, they will most likely be using verbal or hand gestures and signals to indicate to another player what is going on in the court, or to signal them that it is already free to take the shot.


Zone Offense

Zone attacks are always needed in every level of basketball. Zone attacks on defensive players requires that you move the ball and team effort as compared to the movement of the players as individuals.

The skills that are required in attacking are usually man-to-man defenses. Always remember that before you take any specific any offensive zone, players and coaches must always have knowledge on the strengths and weaknesses of the zone defense.

zone offence

They will also need to know those who are poor at defending a zone. To make this strategy more effective, good shooting from the outside will be one of the key elements you will need to make this a successful offense.


Motion Offense

This type of strategy will only work if the players move constantly. Teams that are more in number as compared to size and ability can beat any opposing team of superior size and skill. However, this will require team members to play as a single unit.

More importantly, it will mean that all players should have a sharing attitude once another to ensure that they win the game with flying colors, also to create opportunities for their team mates to shoot openly.

motion offence

The movement of all players must be constant and should exude patience and purpose when attacking the defense of the other team.

Since all the offensive movements will be based on the other teams defensive unit, is going to be difficult for opponents to defend. Keep all team members in tune with one another at all times, to read into the other teammates actions.


Spread Offense

This type of strategic offense, will normally happen by the end of the game to protect the lead, or when the team members are mismatched. By spreading around the court, it will not only help in terms of the running time, but it will also increase defense in the needed areas that need defense.


However, the team members must ensure that when they spread around the court, they also have to continue making basket cuts, and attack at any way possible in order to shoot.

Holding the ball for the sake of trying to take time of the clock will give the defense an opportunity to become more aggressive at grabbing the ball and become disorderly.

Basketball Offense Positions

Each position has particular responsibilities:

  • Point Guard: Usually seen as the team's best ball handler, point guards should be able to see what's happening on the court. They run the plays and bring the ball up. Other names for point guard are the "floor general", "playmaker", and "quarterback".
  • Shooting Guards: They are usually the fast and smaller players on the court. They are also good handlers and the best outside shooters. A guard should aim to get the ball in to the post players whenever there is a chance.
  • Center: This player is the tallest on the team. Also called the post player, he apparently plays on the post area on offense.
  • Forwards: They are likewise called post players and are usually the taller players on the court. They are smaller than the center but taller than the guards. Good forwards can rebound and handle the ball well. They can shoot like guards and do some post moves like the center.
  • The Sixth Man: Aside from the starters, the sixth man is often the best player of a team. He is the first to come off the bench to replace a starter. This position is very important; NBA even gives special awards for it.

What are the Requirements for Playing Good Offense?

To be able to play a good offense, players should be patient, disciplined, and work as a team. They should also know the right moment to execute and attack.

As some say, defense may win the games but offense wins the championships. In fact, it takes more time to master offensive skills compared to defensive skills.

Examples of basketball offensive skills are shooting, rebounding, triple threat, passing, fakes, dribbling, foot work, hand speed, moves, movement without the ball, conditioning, setting screens, mental skills, and attitude.


It is great to be good in defenses, but it is actually greater to be better in offenses. No matter how good you are in preventing your opponents from shooting the ball, your efforts may not really pay off if you don't gain scores.

Remember, the ultimate goal in basketball is to see the ball entering your ring. It takes a lot of skills and willingness to learn to do the different types of offenses. It pays to know and master them all. Lastly, it takes a lot of discipline and determination to be able to do it.

Final Words

In conclusion, these strategies are good way to get a head start. It is highly recommended that you practice good offensive strategies in order to win the game. Offensive strategies are very helpful in giving your team an advantage so make sure you practice and apply these techniques constantly.

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