8 Tricky Ways to Beat Junk Defense in Basketball

Beating a junk defense is one of the greatest challenges for basketball players. The technique is a combination of man-to-man and zone defenses; hence you would need to know and apply different skills to make a good play.


Do you need some tips on how to beat a junk defense in a basketball game? Read on, and feed your mind with the right strategies that will help you and your team overcome this type of defense.

How to Beat Junk Defense


Use the Star Player as a "Bait"

Apparently, players give their full attention to the star player of the other team. Use this fact to your team's advantage when facing a junk defense. Make the opponents believe that the star player is the one to shoot the ball.


Once all eyes are on him, he may pass the ball to one of your teammates. Doing so will make it easy for your team to shoot the ball and beat the junk defense.


Avoid Unnecessary Fouls

You don't want a junk defense to overwhelm you. You want to get rid of it. But be careful with your moves so as not to commit a foul. Aside from giving your opponents a chance to shoot the ball, it can also have a psychological effect on you.


As you know, six fouls can take you out of the game. For this, having committed a number of fouls may greatly affect the way you think and perform while playing. You might lose your focus as well as your momentum.


Keep Your Cool

The other team will do everything to prevent you from shooting the ball. While you want to beat the defense, you don't want to make a wrong move and lose your chance to gain scores.

basket ball match

One wrong move that players are prone to make is letting their emotions rule over them. In basketball or any other sport, being emotional does not do you any good. It can even ruin your game.


Expect a Double-Team

You are facing a double-team when two players are watching you to prevent you from shooting the ball. This can happen anytime, so it pays to prepare yourself for that moment.



Be Careful When Passing the Ball

As earlier mentioned, your opponents will do everything to prevent you from gaining scores. When passing the ball, expect the players from the other team to block it or try to get it from you.


Such possibility should be a reminder for you to observe extra care. Never give your opponents the chance to hinder you from shooting the ball. Do not let carelessness get in the way.


Utilize Screen to Free Up Players

Screening is the technique used to protect a player holding the ball from a defense. Doing this can free him up while making his way to the basketball ring. It helps to utilize this technique.



Master Your Moving Without the Ball Skills

In playing basketball, you need to master various movement skills with or without the ball. But sad to say, moving without the ball is oftentimes undervalued. Not many players realize how it can help in gaining scores.


There are different moving-without-the-ball techniques. Being able to properly execute them can help you beat defenses and shoot the ball.


Do Not Try to Beat a Junk Defense Alone

As you have learned in the previous items, the responsibility of facing junk defenses is not exclusive to the player holding the ball. Other members of the team have significant roles to play as well.


For this, you should never try to do everything alone. Besides, doing so is most likely to make you fail.

Why Do Junk Defenses Work?

Apart from applying the tips discussed above, understanding why junk defenses work can likewise help you beat them. By knowing the nature of this type of defense, you will have a better understanding of why you need to prepare for it. Below some reasons why junk defenses work:


Players Rarely Do Them

Generally, the best time to attack someone is when he or she is off-guard. Players rarely do junk defenses because there are other common forces their opponents could use. For this, they don't spend much time preparing for it.


That is the very reason why this type of defense works. Oftentimes, teams prepare only for the things they believe their opponents are going to do. Don't make the same mistake. It is important for you to be ready at all times.


They Tend to Be Confusing

As previously mentioned, junk defenses are a combination of man-to-man and zone defenses. But basically, they are just the latter. It's just that the player being defended sees a man-to-man.


Emotionally, players tend to believe what they see. The confusion junk defenses create makes them effective at times.


They Are a Game Changer

Junk defenses are a game changer in the sense that players being defended may look at their games differently. Since most players don't have enough preparation to face junk defenses, their moves can greatly change when dealing with such techniques.


When trying to beat a junk defense, a player may not handle the ball as he used to. Distraction may get in the way and some parts of the game plan might get lost. He might make moves he is not good at and take bad shots.

Junk defenses are indeed effective, so you should prepare yourself to beat them. Start with understanding their nature and how they work.

From there, you will learn how these offenses can greatly affect your game; hence the need for proper skills to overcome them. Never underestimate junk defenses, for they can either make or break your game depending on your team's situation.

Final Words

Beating junk defenses in a basketball game requires theoretical knowledge, strategic skills, and even emotional stability. Presence of mind is also a must. When facing junk defenses, it is important to know which strategy and move you can wisely do.

These defenses may be effective, but your moves can be more effective if you spend time preparing to win.

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