5 Crucial Tips to Become a Good Post Player in Basketball

Playing post is a tricky position, so make sure to take note of these tips how you can be a good post player in every basketball game.It has been said over and over before that basketball is all about teamwork.


This game requires close coordination between players as each one can play a vital role in scoring a good amount of points. Not because you don’t have the ball does it mean that you can’t contribute to the scoring process.

This is particularly true for post players. Playing post means being right in the middle of the action. It’s basically like being on the front lines if you’re a soldier. It requires you to be right inside, which is why post players are often required to be tall and with a solid build.

Smaller players can still get the job done, but it might be a bit trickier for them. A lot of players don’t want to be a post player because it needs you to do most of the hard work.

It’s definitely not the most glamorous position as you will need to duke it out with the defenders, set screens, attempt to rebound. It’s a tough job, but if no one will do it, the team will have a hard time in winning.

Playing post is also important to learn, especially if you’re a beginner in basketball. This position will really teach you a lot of skills, making you a more valuable team member once you’ve become a good post player.

How to Be a Good Post Player in a Basketball Game

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Tips for Playing Post

You might be wondering how to be a good post player in a basketball game? Here are some tricks that you might find handy.


Ready Yourself for Battle

A post player needs to be tough mentally because you’ll be the one who’s going to go head to head with your opponents. You will most likely be the last line of defense of your team, so you really have to do your best.

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Playing post is also not the most rewarding job, especially since what you’re doing is making it possible for another team member to make a shot. You should be willing to get this job done, because if you’re not, your team will find it difficult to win.


Know Where and How to Place Yourself on the Court

Positioning is one of the most important things to learn if you want to be a good post player. You need to be in the right spot if you want your play to be effective.

Setting too high might require you to use skills that you’re not fully confident with yet, while setting too low will leave you with limited options. It will help if you manage to find your defense right before you receive the ball. This way, you can devise a plan how to restrict their play.

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The right spot on the court and your body’s position will help you play a more effective offense against a defender. It can help you move easier and faster, giving you more options in executing your play.


Work on Your Footwork

A good post player needs to be quick on their feet and always balanced. This way, you can protect your spot and do your job without flinching.


A good footwork will also let you execute various techniques faster and more efficiently, letting you conquer your defenders without a hitch.


Communicate Well with Your Team

Being in the center of the action will let you see most of what’s happening. This will allow you to determine when the best times are to make certain plays.

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If you have good communication with your teammates, you’ll be able to cue when your team should set up a screen, cuts, and blocks among other things at the right time. This will help your team react accordingly to the other team’s play, boosting your odds at winning the game.


Develop Your Shooting Skills

Being right in the middle of the action means that you’ll receive passes often and might even draw a foul or two from your opponents. This is why you need to be a good shooter, especially from the free throw line.

You need to make your possession count, whether it’s during the game or after you’ve been fouled by the opposing team. By working on your shooting skills, you can make sure that the rival team will actually pay for their efforts to foul you.

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This way, you’ll be able to contribute largely to your team’s score and your opponents will now hesitate to foul you because you always make the free throw shots.

Final Words

The key to being an excellent post player is having the right attitude towards the game. If you’re willing to do the hard work for your team, you’re well on your way to becoming a good post player.

If you’re willing to further improve your skills, you can be sure that you’re taking the right steps to become better at playing post.

Never mind that you won’t be cheered at by fans every time your team scores because you didn’t really make the shot. What’s important is that you made the shot possible.

To become a good post player, you need to be smart, determined, and driven. You’ll need to work hard during the games and training yourself well all the time. These will help you contribute more to your team’s performance.

It might not bring you glory among spectators who don’t play basketball, but you will definitely be an indispensable player for your coach and teammates.

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