How to Become a Great Rebounder in Basketball?

In basketball, rebounding is considered to be one of the most important skills. Out of everything else that exists in this sport, the one thing that is constant are missed shots. Whether one of the team members is capable of shooting well or shoots poorly...


The winning or losing team is determined based on what happens to the missed shots. For the team that has the most rebounds, they will usually get the additional offensive chances, and that will also mean that they get more points on the scoreboard, that indicates that they already won the game.

Rebounding is an indication of how hard you are working in terms of training, focus, and how well you shoot. Some of the other benefits that you can gain are rewards for playing a good defense by taking the ball away from the offensive lay ups for grabbing offensive rebounds.

In both situations, if you feed your confidence the right way this will make you play and perform better. Some coaches and players don’t really understand or give importance to rebounds.

Sometimes they do not even know how to give good tips, but regardless, rebounds are a key component to basketball and it will determine the outcome of the game.

In some situations, the team with the most rebounds will be the winners, but there are exceptions to this, and the majority of the time that you rebound the ball, does not necessarily indicate that you win by default.

To improve your chances of becoming one of the best rebounders on your team, you must remember to not get caught standing or watching your team members fight for passion of the ball from underneath the basket. Make an effort to get it yourself.

How To Be A Great Rebounder

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How to Become Better at Rebounding the Ball

If you may have noticed, there are some players out there that manage to get more than their share of rebounds. To be honest, height, weight and strength will help a lot along with a good height of jumping ability.

With the more aggressive basketball players there, they like to enjoy an advantage, but the smaller players can make their own, because he will be able to misdirect and grab the shot away from the boards, and turn it into an upsetting fast break.

Obviously with this move, it will prevent the other team from getting another chance at grabbing the ball and will end up forcing the other team to rethink their strategy.

For the smaller player, the foul line is best area to be in for long and medium rebounds, or he can be alerted to tie up the bigger guy who might bring the ball down, which is one of the mistakes that even great rebounders will often make.

Another tip that you can use to be a better rebounder is to know the habits of your other team mates in terms of shooting, that way you can gauge the shots that they make while on the court.

You must rule out those who are timid and shy, because in rebounding your teammate needs to be aggressive and determined to get the ball from the other team.

Rebounding also requires that you have good timing and positioning, which means that you will also have to be very agile with the jumping ability. This will help your team members become better at rebounding.

Always remember that for every time that you pull the ball in on the offensive boards, you give your team members an extra shot, which might be the difference in defeat or victory. If you want to significantly improve, here are three tips that you can take advantage of:


Condition Yourself

Remember that basket ball is a contact sport, and players need to become physical. Running down and up around the court over the course of a game will eventually tire you out.

Aside from that, the physical contact can become brutal the minute that you manage to get closer to the basket. By getting closer to the basket, you will manage to get the most rebounds, that is why it gets very physical.

throwing a basketball

Rebounding is a war, the person who gets left standing will end up winning. So it is better that you condition your body first, so that you can stay longer and last on the glass.

You will find that because you are in great condition, the blows that you may end up getting from attempting to rebound the ball, will become less painful and agonizing.


Develop Your Technique

Becoming a good rebounder does not necessarily mean that you have to hurt yourself during the process, you just need to develop the proper technique.

The objective is to find the inside hip and the inside shoulder of the opposing team, as your defending team mate steps to box you out, use his pressure against him, do not fight it. if he steps out, step inside him with your inside leg, and at the same time your inside arm.

throwing a basketball

This move is called the swim, because it has the same stroking motion like what you use in a swimming pool. This move will allow you to get shoulder from the inside through your opponent.

If you manage to time this move properly, you be between the basket and the defending player, and in the best position for rebound.

Final Words

Becoming a better rebounder means that you have to time your moves just right, in order for the opposing team to fail at getting the ball from you. It will also mean that you have to be aggressive and strong, to make an effective rebound.

With the right practice and training, you will be able to do rebounds better than ever. Just remember to be cautious, because there will be times that you can encounter an opposing player that has better skills than you. It pays to practice constantly.

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