13 Benefits of Cycling with Kids

Let’s take a look at the 13 benefits of cycling for children and families. You will want to go on a family bike ride ASAP! These benefits apply to both children and their parents from regular bike rides.


13 Benefits Of Cycling For Children And Families

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Benefit of Cycling


Become Acquainted With Different Areas

What better way to become more familiar with your local area than by biking in and around it? Your family can decide on a specific place to explore, such as the woods. You will also be able to determine which areas are safe for your kids to bike in.

Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, Alaska

You can also explore other areas outside of your town or city. You can plan more ambitious bike tours to national parks, for example.


Contribute to the Improvement of their Academic Performance

Your kids will likely be readier to learn when they bike to school. This is because the physical and mental exercise pumps up their minds and bodies. They will become more alert in school.


You’re also making them exercise in an enjoyable way instead of forcing them. You should, of course, still ensure that your kids have eaten a healthy breakfast. Your emphasis on healthy lifestyle and safe biking habits is a must.


Encourage their Sense of Responsibility and Respect

Your kids will learn the principles and practices of being responsible and respectful. You’re contributing to their mental and emotional growth on and off the road.

kid biking

This is because their independent decision-making abilities are strengthened. You have to emphasize their responsibilities as cyclists on and off the road. You can then let them practice these responsibilities in their daily biking trips.


Keep your Kids Physically Active

Your kids’ risks for chronic degenerative diseases in childhood can be reduced. This is because cycling is a low-impact cardiovascular exercise that gets the heart racing. Your kids will develop cardio endurance and stamina over time.


In the United States, childhood obesity is a growing problem. Parents must take the initiative to encourage their kids to be physically active to solve it.


Build Muscle Mass and Strength

You and your kids will love cycling because it’s a whole body workout. You’re working the leg and core muscles at the same time. Cycling strengthens the whole body by building  muscle mass and strength gradually.

kid biking


Strengthen Parent-Child Relationships

Instead of playing with gadgets, your family can share in a common activity. You can talk with your children about a wide range of topics while cycling on paved roads and on breaks.

father son biking

You’re cutting out the digital noise of modern life with bike trips. You can even combine camping and biking for a day or two. Your family will enjoy time away from modern life stresses.


Enjoy Mental Health Benefits

You and your kids will enjoy cycling’s mental health benefits in two ways. First, the physical exercise releases feel-good chemicals into the body. Second, The laughter and love shared during bike trips reduces stress levels.


The bottom line: You and your kids can reduce your levels of depression, anxiety and stress. Your stronger relationships result in a happier family life.


Effective Weight Loss

If your kids are in danger of being obese, you can introduce them to cycling. Since everybody can learn to ride a bike, your children have no excuses. You can start them on 15-minute bike rides around the neighborhood.

father son biking

Your kids can increase the duration and distance of their rides on their own. Even just 30 minutes of moderate cycling can burn excess fat and build muscle.


Get to Know the Neighbors

Your children should be able to make friends on their own. This will strengthen their social skills when dealing with both kids and adults.


Your regular bike rides will also make you more familiar with the people in your neighborhood. You can strengthen the bonds of community, which has its benefits, too. You want to know your neighbors so that you can have more friends, for example.


Enjoy the Outdoor

Kids and adults can spend so much time indoors! You and your kids can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors in all seasons. You may even teach them to appreciate Mother Nature and its creatures.

father son biking

You can show them the beauty of each season from summer to winter. You can also think of it as fun science lessons.


Get Vitamin D

Your kids should get their fair share of sunlight, too. This is because the sun’s rays is important in Vitamin D production and healthy bones. You must bike in the early morning hours to get the best benefits from the sun.


Know Alternate Routes

Your kids should be familiar with the safe alternative routes to and from home. You can show them the way, which means you know where to look for them. You will also be able to teach them about evading hazards along these routes.

The Wild Azalea Trail, Louisiana


Teach Physical Skills

Effective biking demands several physical skills. These include leaning to the sides, maintaining balance, and keeping the center of gravity. But these skills aren’t just useful on a bike. You and your kids can also use them on other sports activities, such as gymnastics.

father son biking

Final Words

Indeed, kids and parents should just ride their bikes! Your family will share in the joys of cycling outdoors. Your minds and bodies will be stronger and your relationships will be better.

You will also expand your social network while enjoying good times with old friends. Your family will be part of a community of cyclists and non-cyclists, too. You may even encourage other families to take on the hobby.

But to get the most from family bike rides, you have to plan them, especially the longer ones. You should encourage every member to join in the planning. You may even enroll them in cycle training classes.

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