Top 6 Biking Routes in New York City

New York City is like no other. Dubbed as the city that never sleeps, it is home to art, creativity, class, fun, and many problems and stressors that everyone would like to avoid. Little do people know that amid the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple...


There exists a lot of biking routes that everyone can enjoy during a peaceful morning or afternoon. Biking is a great way to relax and enjoy the scenic views in places that only your bike can take you.

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Best Places for Biking in NYC

If you want to enjoy such an experience, here are six biking routes that you can follow around New York City:


Central Park Loop

This is the perfect biking route for both amateurs and expert bikers in the city as it allows you to glide along smooth and cemented roads. No biker will experience uneven contours in this 6.2 mile loop.

The Central Park Loop is located right in the heart of New York and familiar to both locals and tourists. When you follow this route while biking, you will get to break a sweat while enjoying the typical New York scenery at the same time.


Along the way, you’re sure to spot popular stores like The Bocce’s Bakery, Park West Café, and Street Coffee Guy. No one will stop you from getting a break from your biking and taking a sip of coffee, too.


Hudson River Park Trail

This route is present in the bucket lists of almost all biking enthusiasts. The Hudson River Park Trail is the popular biking trail that runs along Manhattan’s west side.

It goes for about 21km or 13 miles and allows you to enjoy unending city sights on one side and New Jersey’s silhouette on the other. At the same time, the rush of the Hudson River is sure to keep you gong.

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to go on this trail, start from the bike path north from Manhattan to the Bronx. There are hourly rentals available near Pier 84 at West 43rd Street and is a good start-off like any other.


Continuous cycling paths and sightseeing awaits you to the George Washington Bridge at 178th Street. After which, pass under the bridge into Inwood Hill Park and savor a bit of green in sight. Continue to cross the Harlem River and right into Bronx for a mix of that urban and rural feeling.

This path turns east along the Pelham Parkway in the Bronx Park. Cross a series of bridges and find yourself in City Island in Long Island, where an anomaly of a sleepy New England village is sure to amuse the city person in you.


Bronx River Path

Consisting of three paved segments, the Bronx river path allow bikers to escape the urban jungle and delve into the real woods and enjoy the best lush sceneries that the big city can offer.

It has a one mile loop in Mount Vernon, near Oak street, a 3.6 mile path from Palmer Road from Bronxville North to Scarsdale, Harney Road, and commencing on a 5-mile section from Green Acres in Hartsdale all the way to Valhalla’s Kensico Dam Plaza.


Along this path, the Kensico Dam Plaza, Westchester County Center and Greenburgh Nature Center are sure pit stops along the way.


Carroll Gardens to Coney Island

The Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn was the country’s first bike path. It opened on 15 June 1894, after being inspired by the grand streets of Europe.

This bike route is over five miles from Brooklyn’s Prospect Park all the way to Coney Island. Some of the original path was lost in the 1970s due to the Prospect Expressway; however, it still has its original tree-lined path.


The path starts at the Cobble Hill-Carroll Gardens where you are treated to a quiet cycle until Broadwalk mainstay.


Rockaways Ride

Blue sea and warm sand aren’t a foreign concept to New York City. Treat yourself to a bike ride and a bit of Vitamin Sea with the Rockaway’s ride bike route. Beaches here took it pretty hard after Hurricane Sandy. However, most, if not all, stores are already back on their feet to serve your beach-bike needs.

Start at East 16 Street station in Avenue Z and find yourself cruising along a 7-mile bike ride to the shores. You get to pass through quiet residential areas, bike path along the beaches and the Marine Parkway Gul Hodges Memorial Bridge.


From there, it’s another couple of miles to Rockaway Beach. You can visit the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge along the way. There are also train stations to take you to the beach or back, so you do not have to worry about exhausting yourself completely.


Pulaski to Williamsburg Bridge

This bike route will never let you lose sight of the spectacular Manhattan skyline. This route will take you on a tour of North Brooklyn from Long Island City to the Lower East Side. The path starts at the Pulaski Bridge in Long Island until Noble Street. From here, the path breaks off into two options.

You may opt to go to Lorimer to McCarren Park for a loop or two before Driggs Avenue or you may skip the park and find yourself cruising on the Kent Avenue bike path all the way to Williamsburg Bridge on the Lower East Side.

williams burg-bridge-rain

Either way, the city’s towering skyline will always hog your awe in this ride. If you want to avoid joggers and tourists, this path might not be the best one to take. The bridge has a new two-way protected bikeway but it would not spare you from the crowd.

Final Words

Bikes are the only set of wheels that will allow you to feel and appreciate New York for what it is: a city full of secrets, opposites and surprises. See this city the way it should be seen: ride your way around the Big Apple and take a bite of the excitement it offers.

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