How to Choose the Best Cycling Clothes for Your Kids?

Does your child have the right clothes to wear when going out for a bike ride? Do you let them wear just anything when they head out? If you have noticed, professional bikers wear a specific type of clothing that helps them stay protected from the sun.


The same thing goes for kids, in order for them to be safe at all times, they must always have the protective gear and the right clothes to prevent them from getting sun burnt or even get bruised when they encounter an accident.

As a parent, how much are you willing to spend to get the best clothing for your kids for cycling? There are a lot of clothes out there that are very affordable and not too painful on your pocket, but you have to know where to buy it and what to buy for your kids.

If you have a child however that wants to bike seriously, then it will be appropriate to buy cycling gear for them. But always keep in mind that kids grow out of their things over time, and it is always important that you find clothing that is stretchy.

Or you can always buy something that is particularly big, that way when they start to grow, they will grow into the clothes instead of growing out of it.


Things to Consider While Choosing the Clothing

Your confusion about the perfect clothes for your child is understandable. But you shouldn’t buy the first clothes that take your fancy either. You have to consider several factors about the clothes’ fit, features and functions.


Comfort in the Saddle

Saddles are narrower, smaller and harder than regular seats. Your child will then have higher risks for sores, sharp aches, and dull pains in his nether regions.


You must invest in padded cycling shorts, which have padding inserts in the buttocks. Your child will be more comfortable in the saddle even after a few miles of continuous riding.  You don’t have to worry afterwards of soothing them and treating their sores.


Stay Warm or Cool on Rides

Cycling-specific clothes have features designed to keep their wearers cool or warm. For cold weather riding, for example:

  • Bib shorts have a high-rise waist design to prevent the wind from chilling the skin at the back.
  • Cycling jerseys have silicone inserts inside the hem to make them stay in place, even in high wind. These also have zipped up collars and higher necklines to protect the neck and chest from the cold.
  • Cycling jackets have longer arms, too. This is to accommodate the stretch of the arms on the handlebars when biking.

Other must-haves for cold weather riding are gloves, shoes cover, and arm and leg warmers. Your child must also have warm weather cycling-specific clothes. Most of these clothes have moisture-wicking technology that draws sweat away from the body.

If you plan on cycling in areas with rainy weather, you should also invest in waterproof clothing. You want your child to stay as dry as possible even under light rain. Your best investments are a waterproof cycling jacket, over-trousers, and water-resistant leg warmers.


Look the Part

Your child will love looking the part of a dedicated cyclist, too. You become part of his newfound sense of being cool, a boost for his self-esteem. You can even buy cycling-specific clothes that match his personal style preferences.


You may first think that buying cycling-specific clothes isn’t necessary. But as these reasons show, your child will be safer with them on, as well as enjoy their rides more.


Always Consider the Fit First

Your child should be comfortable in the cycling-specific clothes. These shouldn’t be too loose and too snug. You should use the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer and retailer when buying. You may also try the size your child uses for street clothes.


For the best fit, look for bike jerseys and shorts with a snug fit on your child. When these clothes flap in the wind, your child will feel a drag.


Look at the Features

Your child will appreciate being cool or warm in his cycling-specific clothes. It’s your job to ensure it. You must then consider the weather-specific features on the biking clothes including:

  • A jacket should have a front zipper for ventilation in cool weather. It must also have a stand-up collar for shade on warm days. It should also have wider shoulders, back pockets, and longer cut in the back. 
  • A pair of cycling shorts should have a padded crotch liner and added stretch. The crotch liner wicks moisture and reduces friction in the nether region. The added stretch allows for more freedom of movement when pedaling. 
  • A cycling jersey usually has pockets on the back for storing small items.

Tip: Don’t choose cotton cycling clothes for bike tours with the kids. You don’t want your kid soaked in sweat after a few kilometers of continuous riding.


Consider the Type

You will find a wide range of cycling-specific clothes for kids according to type. You have to consider the suitability of each type according to the type of biking you want your kid to enjoy.

Your best bet for a kid just learning to ride his bike: Casual short-distance bike shorts. These are a cross between bike shorts and street shorts. Your child will take to the shorts because of their street clothes vibe, too.

You can also invest in commuter shorts, which are casual-looking yet provide high-performance features. If your child is into advanced cycling, you should also invest in suitable clothes.


For example, mountain biking shorts consist two layers - an internal padded cycling short and a baggy outer shell layer. You will also find triathlon shorts for kids.

Of course, you have to consider your budget. You shouldn’t scrimp on the cycling-specific clothes for your child. His safety also depends on it. You can strike a balance between affordability and quality with careful research.

Some Recommended Cycling Clothes for Kids

There are a lot of clothes out there that you can choose for your kid, but you always have to make sure that they are comfortable wearing it, and they get used to the idea of wearing the right clothes whenever they want to go out for a bike ride. Here are some bike clothes that you can try looking into:



This kind of bike gear is made in t-shirt style downhill jersey that makes your child look like a pro. It is casual but at the same time makes your child look like they are going out on a bike race.




If you are looking for the professional road style look for your child, then this is the best choice for you. Now you can take your child with you when you go out for a bike ride in the countryside.




If you and your child love to go out on mountain rides, then this is the best choice. This t-shirt style is made for mountain bikers and it comes in long sleeves so that your child can be protected from the sun.



Rocky Mountain Rags

This is another type of clothing made for mountain bikers, it comes in a lot of cute and colorful styles that will for sure make your child interested in wearing it all the time when they go out for a ride.




They also have jerseys that come in different colors. The shorts fit all kids sizes including infants to kids aged at 12 years old.



Troy Lee

If your child likes to go to the park all the time to ride their bike, then this is the best choice for you to get. It is made with baggy and comfortable material that will make riding comfortable for your child at all times. It is also very durable, and it can prevent scars and scratches.



Aero Tech Designs

If you are looking for something that is affordable but in good quality, then you can buy cycling shorts from aero tech designs. These are lycra style bike shorts, and come in a lot of fun colors that your children can appreciate while riding.


Where Is the Best Place to Buy?

You can buy bike clothes in a lot of places, but the most recommended would be at a bike store or at a reputable online shop.

Though bike shops may sell expensive gear, you can guarantee that they do have branded cycling wear that is very durable and have good quality material that will keep your child from chafing or getting sun burnt.


You can also look at some online shops, they have really affordable good quality cycling wear as well that is designed for kids. you can check the internet for the most reputable internet sites.

As a responsible parent, you have the responsibility of safety for your child while he’s on his bike. This includes choosing the perfect cycling-specific clothes. You can let him use his street clothes. But when he’s moving up the cycling world, your investment in these items is a must.

Final Words

All in all, there are a lot of places where you can choose biking clothes for your child, and there are affordable ones that you can find through the Internet or at a bike shop. Always remember to get your kids interested in wearing their clothes when they go biking, so that they can get used to it.

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