Best Single Speed Bike Crankset

Cranksets are in many respects the engines of bicycles. They are the devices which take the motion of the rider and transform it into a form of energy which enables the bike to move forward. There are many different kinds of cranksets, and each kind is enabled...


Best Single Speed Bike Crankset − Comparison

  • Retrospec Bicycles Fixed-Gear Crank Single-Speed Road Bicycle Forged Crankset
  • Color: Various
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Sunlite Single Speed Crankset
  • Color: Black/ Silver
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Alloy Fixie Single Speed Crankset
  • Color: Black/ Green/ Grey
  • Weight: 2.15 lbs
  • Origin8 Track/SS Crankset
  • Color: Various
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Conversion Kit Fixie Single Speed Shimano Adaptor
  • Color: Silver
  • Weight: 5.3 Ounces

For a specific kind of bike to ensure the rider gets certain benefits. The wrong crankset on the wrong bike can, therefore, be a really bad experience. On the crankset itself, there are some components which all perform different tasks which...

Altogether make sure t he bike is moving smoothly. It is important that the person intending to buy a bike be sure of which kind of crankset they are going for, and more than this to know how the crankset is fitted together so that they may know how to operate it smoothly.

All these processes are really difficult to get through which is why a guide such as this one is of the most important assets that a user can ever hope for. Reading through these different kinds of cranksets available and what one needs to know before purchasing one of them is very important.

Things to Consider Before Buying

As in everything in life, it is very important that a buyer has a list of things to consider before deciding on a particular brand. Those things that a potential buyer must look at here are very important and not doing so could be disastrous in the long run. These features include:

Ease of Assembling

Cranksets do not come in one piece. There are some components which are separate on their own but together form the crankset. Such components as the pedals and the crank body and the arms are all separate, but they must be fitted together to enable the crankset work.

This is an important aspect that must be looked into. The devices must be fitted easily to enable the rider to have an easy time with his bike. Any device that presents difficulty during assembly should be discarded right away.

Regularity of Service

These parts of the bicycle are some of those that need the most frequent levels of service over all others in the bike. Different cranksets need different levels of service depending on how they were manufactured.

A buyer should find it preferable to go for cranksets that need less service as these kinds of cranksets are easier to care for more than those which require advanced levels of servicing and other forms of care. These kinds are best avoided.


The cost is one of the most obvious considerations when it comes to buying anything. Money is usually a constraining factor that every sensible buyer should take into consideration. And there are many instances where the more expensive item...

Doesn't necessarily provide better service than a less expensive one. All this being considered it can be seen that the buyer should consider the cost of the device carefully and not just choose to buy it because it is more expensive or because it is cheaper.

Bike Compatibility

Not all cranks are made for all bikes. The nature of each crank could be very different from another one. The buyer should look at his or her bike carefully and note the kind of crankset that the bike needs.

With this information, they can choose the right kind of device for their bike without worrying about issues of compatibility.

Recommended Single Speed Bike Cranksets

Alloy fixie is one of the more promising cranksets out there, and it is well built to withstand any forms of rough treatment. The bike that has this set will benefit a lot from it.

48 Teeth

The number if teeth are 48 which implies a good conversion rate of the pedaling motion on to the tires for the motion of the bike. The number of teeth increases the efficiency of the bike and makes the device easier to use.

170mm in Length

The bike crankset has arms that are very long but not too long as to cause the device to be unable to handle corners. These advantages make the bike a safe bike to ride on.

Good Finish and Construction

The nature of the bike is such that it must have good construction to be a good bike. This bike has the best level of finishing and construction needed to make it a good bike. The designers thought through before deciding on the nature of the bike.

Chain-ring is Removable

The chain-ring can be removed easily and replaced whenever there is a need. This is important as it gives the bike a lot of versatility while in use, and makes it easy to maintain.

Recommended Accessories: KMC Z410 Bicycle Chain



Water Resistance


Retrospec is a well-known brand that should be the envy of other brands in the market. Retrospec fixed gear crankset is one of the best made and the points below prove it.

Strong Crank Design

The design of the crank is strong because cranks must be strong to be able to handle the immense amounts of pressure that will invariably cone their way.

The crankset being made strong means it can handle all forms of pressure without cracking.


The crank is burly, and the design also makes it weigh less than most other devices that are used for the same job in the market. This is one of the better advantages of this crankset over others.

Fits on Different Bikes

The crankset of this kind is not made just for one bike but some different bikes. This gives the device versatility and enables it to be used by more than one kind of bike. The device can, therefore, be purchased more widely.

No Crank Overlap

Usually, there is an overlap between the crank and the chaining bolt on most bikes, but here the trend is avoided, and the bike is made safer and easier to handle for that.

The sunlite single speed crankset is a unique crankset that is a combination of cool style and lots of efficient functioning.It has a set of parts that set it apart and give it prominence among most other cranksets.

Steel Chain-ring

The chainring is made of steel. Steel is durable and tough meaning that there is little chance of accidents occurring. Steel is also noncorrosive meaning the device lasts very long.


The steel construction also gives the crankset the advantage of lightness. The device adds no excess weight to the bike that would make the bike hard to handle. This makes the device ideal for bikes because it doesn't burden them.

Alloy Arms

The arms are made of alloy material. This gives them the strength to be able to handle different kinds of trouble and also makes the arms extra durable and flexible to use at all times.

Square Interface

The place of interaction with the bike is all square giving it the ability to accept the fitting of the chain arms in an instance. This ease of fitting makes the device easy to use and handle.

Recommended Accessories: Tektro RL340 Ergo Brake Lever



Water Resistance


The origin8 crankset is one of some high-quality cranksets in the market.T he crankset has all the standard parts of a normal crankset and a few others that give it an advantage over most others.

Eliminates Need for Other Components

The device is one that performs some functions on the bike, and this makes it easy to use it in place of other components. The crankset can, therefore, replace other devices that would be costly to fit into the bike.

Quality Construction

The way the set is constructed gives one the impression that a lot of care was put into the design. This is true, and it gives the device the ultimate level of professionalism and enables it to both be pleasing and also be durable.

Long Crank Arms

The crank arm is that part that connects to the lower body of the bike from the pedal. Its length is important; the device won't be able to run the bike well. This device is therefore very long to enable easy handling of the bike at all times.

The adaptor is an important component on the rear end of the bike and this conversion kit Shimano adaptor is especially important to the overall performance of the bike.

Lock Ring

It features a lock ring which guarantees safety as when it is locked there can be no changes to the device. Whatever settings were made they will stay the same ensuring that the device cannot be tampered with.

Right Sized Cog

The cog is of the exact size to enable it to be used for the purposes it was meant for.

It is neither too big nor too small, but just the right size to avoid all inconveniences.

Metal Components

All the components of this device are made of metal which makes the device very easy to handle. There are rumors that some parts are made of colored plastic, but none of this is true. The device is all metal.

Exact Fitting

The device is made with such precise measurements that it fits into whatever place it is put in very comfortably. There is, therefore, no challenge with getting the device to be fitted on any part of the bike.

Recommended Accessories: Shimano Alfine Chain Tensioners



Water Resistance


Final Words

All the sets mentioned here are of the best quality and having any of them would be of immense advantage to anyone.The buyers should study all of them carefully to know which fits well into which kind of bike and which is best left alone. The choice is theirs.

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