Best Single Speed Bike Frame in 2017– Guide & Reviews

Most riders don't realize how important the frame is to the general performance of a bike. The kind of frame your bike has will greatly determine a lot of things, comfort being one of them. Therefore, you need to c hoose your bike frame right so that you don't end up with low-quality frames that would ruin your riding experience.


Choosing the best single speed bike frame might pose a great challenge to most riding enthusiasts, but with this review, you can be able to single out which one among the best frames will best serve your riding style and needs.

I'm a riding enthusiast who happens to know a lot about bike frames. Of the single speed bike frames that I've installed on my bikes, these are the very best, and I can recommend them to anyone without any doubts. There are many more reasons why you need to consider these frames apart from strength, durability, and beauty.

Track Fixie Single Speed Road Bike Frame

Track Fixie Single Speed Road Bike Frame

Best Single Speed Bike Frame Comparison Table



Bike Name




Track Fixie Single Speed Road Bike Frame


Track Fixie Single Speed Road Bike Frame

9.4 Pounds


Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Bike Frame Set

Pure Cycle

Fix Original Fixed Gear Bike Frame Set



VilanoChromoly Fixed Gear Track Road Bike Frame

Vilano Chromoly

Fixed Gear Track Road Bike Frame

15.5 Pounds


State Bicycle Co. WarhawkCyclocross Single Speed Bike

State Bicycle Co

WarhawkCyclocross Single Speed Bike


Maroon/ Gold

Unbranded Mercier Kilo TT Stripper Track Fixed Gear Fixie Single Speed Bike Bicycle Frame


Unbranded Mercier Kilo TT Stripper Track
Fixed Gear Fixie Single SpeedBike Bicycle Frame




Thing To Consider When Buying The Best Single Speed Bike Frame

Single bike frames come in different models. Before you make the final decision of making the purchase, it is important to consider the following important points.

Material Used In Construction

The frame is going to go through a lot of hard work and train while you are riding your bike. The nature of materials used in the construction of the device should enable it to be able to stand through the tests that it will be put through.

These devices should be made of durable material that is long lasting but at the same time doesn't add excess weight to the bike. The nature of the material used should give the buyer a clue as to whether the frame they want to buy is the right one for their bike or it is not.


Everyone is looking for a product that can provide perfect performance for longer. If a bike frame can hold your bike together when you perform those crazy stunts, or while you ride energetically on stony terrains and still last longer, then that is a good frame. It takes an expert's eye and knowledge to differentiate a durable brand from a short-lived one. Materials can also determine the level of durability, and should be evaluated closely.

Extra Components And Features

Different frames are drilled for different kinds of brakes. The frames also vary in the kind of extra features that they come with. Look out for the frame that features the components that you find relevant for you bike and your riding needs. Check out if the fork perfectly fits your ride, and don't hesitate to buy the perfect frame.

Clean Verses Stickers

You will have to choose between frames with stickers or frames with none. Some people prefer simplicity, and they'd want this to be reflected on their bike. There are many frames with no stickers and still look amazingly stylish.In fact, most users who prefer clean frames think they are unique and beautiful. Stickers are cool too, and there are riders who only prefer these frames on their bikes.

Recommended Best Single Speed Bike Frame

This is the leading best single speed bike frame that you'll be lucky to own. Enjoy reading the reviews of the following bike frames and hopefully you will get the best one that suits your needs.

Track Fixie Single Speed Road Bike Frame

This is an all-round amazing road bike frame that does not only provide an incredible performance but would also pass for a classy frame. It is the kind that a true rider would prefer for his bike.

Strong Build

This is one of the strongest Fixie frames I've ever seen. You can trust it to withstand even the most daring situations without bending any easily. No terrain will affect its value, even when you are riding adventurously.

Variety of Colors

The frames come in a variety of vibrant colors from which you can select the one that best suits your style. The colors add beauty to your bike. Black is what many people would prefer, and it's the main color of this frame.


Compared to most fixie frames, Track Fixie Single Speed Road Bike Frame is amazingly lightweight. You know just how much this feature is important to the general performance of a bike.

Thoughtful Design

This frame is ingeniously designed to fit perfectly into single speed road bike. It is designed to function perfectly with most bikes and still maintains its durability.

Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Bike Frame Set

The build of a fixed gear bike will greatly determine the functionality of the entire bike. This frame is classy and sassy and is definitely what you'll want for your bike.

Meets Safety Standards

The frames are designed with your safety in mind. They meet the US Consumer Product Safety Commission bicycle standards and are made from the most trusted materials in the industry.

Available in 3 Sizes

The frame comes in three different sizes of small, medium, and large. You can select from a 50cm, 54cm, and 58cm sizes of frames. This allows you to choose the one that best suits your bike.

Made From Durable Materials

The frame is made from ultra-durable tig welded, hi-tensile steel. This explains its incredible strength and durability. Most strong and durable frames are made of this material.

Holes for Brakes

The fork is standard and comes with holes that are strategically placed for attaching rear and front brakes. The frame has everything you need to attach a complete bike structure.

VilanoChromoly Fixed Gear Track Road Bike Frame

Ride a bike that is fixed with this frame and feel the comfort and stability that comes with a top quality frame.The frame is what a riding enthusiast needs for his bike.

Accepts 700cc Wheels

The VilanoChromoly Fixed Gear Track Road Bike Frame accepts the 700cc wheel, and this can be a real convenience. Many good frames don't accept these wheels, and if you find one that does, it's a great advantage.

Tough Material

Both frame and fork are made from 4130 chromoly steel which a very tough material. With all the rough terrains and situations you are exposed to while riding, this frame will always remain steadfast.

Many Colors

Many riders would prefer one color of a frame to another, and that's why the frames come in a variety of beautiful colors. You can have the privilege of having a bike that has a frame with your favorite color.

Clean and Simple Look

This is one of those frames that don’t have stickers or decals on them. This, in turn, gives it a simple and clean look that many riders prefer. It also makes it look unique on your bike.

State Bicycle Co. WarhawkCyclocross Single Speed Bike

Besides the strong nature of this bike frame, it is one of the most aesthetic models you'd ever come across in the market. In fact, this one of my favorite single speed bike frames.

Cross Racing and Commuting

This frame is designed to serve many riding purposes but is perfect for commuting and cross racing. It will conveniently carry your weight across the city no matter what speed you are riding at.

Strong and Durable

The frame is made from the super strong 4130 chromoly steel. This is the same material from which the fork is made. Tough material ensures durability and greater balance for the entire bike.

Drilled for Cantilever Brakes

Different bike frames are drilled for different types of brakes, and this State Bicycle Co. Warhawk is drilled for cantilever brakes. This adds to its overall great value.

27.2 Seat Tube

The frame features a 27.2 seat tube, and a 68mm English threaded bottom bracket. These two features ensure that it fits a greater number of bikes.

Unbranded Mercier Kilo TT Stripper Track Fixed Gear Fixie Single Speed Bike Bicycle Frame

Sometimes all a rider need for his bike is a simple but effective frame. This is the kind of frame that will add great value to your bike and give that smooth ride that you desire.

Clean Look

The frame features no brake cable stops or bottle cage mounts hence giving it a admirable clean look. Many riders out there would prefer a simple clean look like this.

More Parts Included

This frame beats in competitors in many areas, and one of them is the inclusion of 1-inch threaded fork and headset. This explains its incredible performance.

High-Quality Frame

The frame is made from Reynolds 520 chromoly tubing. An experienced rider or biking expert will tell you that this is one of the best tubing.

Stylish Design

Just a look at the frame and you can tell that it's made of incredible style. The frame is painted with some of the best styles to give it a classy look that it has.

Final Words

It is easy for a riding armature to ignore the importance of a bike frame. It is even easy for some riders to overlook the functions of a good frame. are five of the best single speed bike frames available in the market, and the ones that I've had the opportunity to fix on my bikes. 

They boast of some of the best features you can ever want in a bike frame. With any of this fixed on your bike, you can be sure to enjoy every single ride you take.

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