Best Single Speed Bike Under $500 in 2017– Guide & Reviews

The single speed bikes provide the rider with a new and stylish way to enjoy cycling. It is always challenging to choose from among the many bikes available in the market, especially when you are on a fixed budget. Many people think it isn't possible to find a good single speed bike with under 500 dollars, but that isn't always the case.


Lots of innovatively designed bikes would cost you as low as 500 dollars and bellow, though it will take you a lot of energy to single them out, more so if you are not conversant with these bikes.

The bikes in their variety may present a great challenge to a buyer who is not accustomed to these matters, and it would be a great help if these bikes could be presented to the buyer in a way that he understands best. This compilation is one such attempt.

Vilano Fixed Gear Bike Fixie Single Speed Road Bike

Vilano Fixed Gear Bike Fixie Single Speed Road Bike

Best Single Speed Bike Under $500 Comparison Table



Bike Name





Vilano Fixed Gear Bike Fixie Single Speed Road Bike


Fixed Gear Bike Fixie Single Speed Road Bike




Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear Single-Speed Track Bike

Critical Cycles

Classic Fixed-Gear Single-Speed Track Bike




Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Urban Road Bike

Critical Cycles

Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Urban  Road Bike




Critical Cycles Harper Single-Speed Fixed Gear Urban Commuter Bike


Harper Single-Speed Fixed Gear Urban Commuter Bike




Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

Takara Kabuto

Single Speed Road Bike

35.2 Pounds

Black/ Green



Thing To Consider When Buying The Best Single Speed Bike Under $500

These pieces of information will give the buyer a kind of guideline as they go looking for the perfect thing that they want. With these bikes it is no different. These five factors are to be looked at in detail before any decision on purchases can be made.

Rider Support

Before the buyer decides on one bike or the other, it is important that he or she consider the level of support offered by a particular bike to the rider. Support includes the nature of the seat: how is it made, what sort of materials are used in making it, and whether it offers back support. Another consideration is that of pedals and whether they offer foot support. All this needs to be known before the buyer chooses a certain bike.


Most of the components of the bike will not be standard for all people. The seat, for instance, must be able to handle people of differentiated levels of height. The handlebars must be able to be changed depending on who is riding the bike. The buyer must look to see that his or her bike has these adjustable features before buying

Bike Material

The material used in designing a bike plays perhaps the most important role in determining whether the bike will be a success of not. If the wrong material is used the bike will first of all not last, and on top of this will probably be a hazard to the user.

When users are deciding on the kind of bikes to have it helps to know which kind of materials the body is made of to prevent any problems arising out of the use of the bike in future.


The speed is another very important factor that any serious rider will have to consider while buying the best single speed bike under 500 dollars. Different bikes offer different speed, and this factor is determined by some various other factors. The build and design will determine the level of speed too. So, when you are buying a new bike, it is good to know how fast it cat go under different circumstances.

Recommended Best Single Speed Bike Under $500

If you are looking for a single speed bike under 500 bucks, I have reviewed ten top products, and they are highly recommendable.

Vilano Fixed Gear Bike Fixie Single Speed Road Bike

The fact that this bike falls under 500 dollars might not seem logical considering the fact that it comes with some of the most amazing features for a bike of its caliber.

Innovative Design

The volcano Fixie single speed road bike comes in a variety of stylish designs from which you can choose what best interest you. The bike is built innovatively and is fit for a classy rider.

Beautiful Colors

The bike comes in a variety of beautiful colors to give riders the opportunity to select their favorite. Nothing feels better that riding your favorite bike that also bears your favorite color.

Low Maintenance

This bike requires just a little maintenance from you as compared to most other models. This is pretty efficient since you won't need to keep on maintaining it, which can be stressful.

Flip-flop Hub

With the flip-flop hub, it is easy to switch between riding fixed gear or single speed. This makes your riding much more fun and easy.

Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear Single-Speed Track Bike

This bike is all rounded, and can be used for a variety of outdoor riding adventures.The bike is also well designed to meet the riding needs of different groups of people.

Choose How to Ride

This single speed bike is highly accommodating in that; it allows you to choose how you want to ride. That is how you get to enjoy every ride in style just how you'd prefer it.

For Competition

The bike is designed for a competitor, and can achieve the highest speed possible. With features such as downward-sloped handlebars and different geometry, you get everything you need for speed.

Narrow Tires

Narrow tires perform incredibly for speed. They can maneuver through rough roads, potholes, and stones to offer the speed you need to enjoy the ride. The tires are also tough and durable can last a long time.

Tig Welded Steel Frame

The frame plays a great role in keeping the bike well balanced. The frame being strong, it makes the bike performs excellently without being affected by rough terrains.

Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Urban Road Bike

This is one bike that many users have praised and appreciated for its functionality and performance. The bike is innovatively designed to perform like a real modern bike.

Classy and Attractive

It is designed for an urban commuter who wants nothing but a classy bike to ride around and about the city. The bike is classy and attractive in design, and will add value to the rider.

Maximum Comfort

With high-quality tires, the bike is beautiful and comfortable to ride. The tires also ensure optimal performance in all terrains in an urban setting. It feels relishing while on the ride.

Safe Riding

It features BMX style handlebars that perfectly provide safe riding. It is easy to control, and therefore can be balanced in every terrain to ensure safe riding. The bike is perfectly designed to keep you safe under all circumstances.

Minimum Maintenance

Most bikes require regular maintenance and replacement of components but not this one. It allows for easy use and less maintenance which many users find convenient. The bike can serve you for a longer period without many problems.

Critical Cycles Harper Single-Speed Fixed Gear Urban Commuter Bike

Another Critical Cycles on the list. This is another high performer bike that combines ingenious design with perfect control and balance. The bikes boast a variety of incredible features.

Flip-flop Hub

With this feature, the bike allows you to choose how you want to ride. Different riders prefer to take the adventure in different style, and this bike gives just that.

Wonderful Colors

The bike is not just an ordinary bike. It comes in a variety of wonderful colors that gives it a beautiful appearance. You can choose your favorite color from the huge collection of colors.

Commuter Bike

The bike is designed for the streets and works well as a commuter bike. The bike has a hand-built frame which has barspin clearance, horizontal dropouts, toe overlap, and flattop tube.

Easy to Put Together

The bike doesn't need experts to put it together. You just have to follow some simple instructions, and you will be done in no time.

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

This is the last bike on the list of the best single speed bikes under 500 dollars. That doesn't mean it has inferior quality. It boasts of some of the best features in the industry.

Strong Materials

The bike is of great value. It is constructed from strong materials, and this explains why it's such a strong and sturdy bike. The bike is also very durable, and can last longer.

Easy to Assemble

The bike is so easy to install you'd think it's a joke. It amazingly comes with all the necessary devices and equipment needed for its assembling. It won't even take you much time to complete the whole process.


The bike features bigger tires, and this amounts to maximum comfort. The tires are larger and thicker than in normal circumstances. Most riders who have used the bike confirms that this feature provides additional comfort.

Easy to Control

The bike is fixed with super shock absorber capacity and is designed to provide you with easy control on smooth bumps and in slight rough tracks. You won't even notice the rough road.

Final Words

Now you know where to spend your cash on. With just under 500 dollars, you can still get the best single speed bike to help serve your biking needs. These five bikes are among the best anyone can get in the market today, and the good news is that you won't have to spend a fortune to get one. Prices on most bikes are overrated, and that is why you'd be lucky if you buy any of these five bikes. It would be a great deal for you.

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