Best Single Speed Commuter Bikes in 2017– Guide & Reviews

Commuter bikes are just one kind of bike that anyone interested in bikes might choose to purchase. Bikes are usually not just made for anyone but for specific purposes. Commuter bikes are special bikes that enable the rider to go through traffic easily. They are mostly used by commuters which mean they must be able to carry the passenger and ensure his safety.


These and more considerations are usually thought of before any bike of this kind is put up for sale. Choosing the right kind of commuter bike can be a real headache as there are so many of these kinds of bikes and knowing a quality bike if this kind from one that isn't of good quality can be one of the harder things.

With this in mind, it is vital that the potential buyer knows of all the things that they need before purchasing this kind of bike. On top of this, it is important that the buyer knows the best brands out there that will give them the best value for their money. 

This is an attempt at these two aspects. Commuter bikes will be with us for a long time, so this decision must also take into account the small matter of longevity and durability.

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Critical Cycles Harper Single-Speed Fixed Gear Urban Commuter Bike

Best Single Speed Commuter Bikes Comparison Table



Bike Name





Diamondback Cobra Junior Boy's Mountain Bike

Critical Cycles

Harper Single-Speed Fixed Gear Urban Commuter Bike




Kent Super 20 Boys Bike


Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Urban Road Bike

25 Pounds



Vilano Kids 20 Inch Hardtail Mountain Bike

Takara Kabuto

Single Speed Road Bike




24" Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Boys' Mountain Bike


Women's Classic Urban Commuter Single Speed Bike Fixie Style City Mint Pearl Road Bicycle

41 Pounds

Pastel Green


Best Single Speed Commuter Bikes

Things To Consider When Buying The Single Speed Commuter Bikes

Before you make the final decision of purchasing the best commuter bikes, the following are some important things that you should remember.

Servicing Frequency

The frequency with which a bike is taken for service depends on some things including the nature of the bike made by the manufacturer. There is also the way the components are put together which makes some bikes require more service than others.

It is important for a commuter to know how much a bike will need service before purchasing it. Bikes that need more service are better avoided for those that need service at lesser intervals.

Replacement Parts

The bone will have some of its components falling off at one time or another. When this happens, it is important that the owner knows where to find the appropriate replacement parts.

Some bikes will have easy to find parts while others will have hard to find parts. Buyers should be advised to go for those bikes which have parts that easy to find that will make the process of replacing easily.


A commuter bike cannot be heavy as this will impact a lot on its handling. When looking for one of these bikes, the buyer should, therefore, be very conscious of the weight.

The weights are usually listed on the bikes, and this is important because using this information a buyer can compare the weight of one bike with another and choose the bike with lesser weight.

Heavy bikes can be also because of accidents as they can prove very difficult to handle and make work for the owner. This is why the issue of weight is so very important.


The top speed achievable by the bike should also be a consideration. The way the bike is made and all its parts is a useful pointer to how the fast the bike can be. This is information that the buyer should look into, and it will help them choose a bike with the speed specifications that they need and find will provide the best service to them.

Warranty Information

Perhaps the most important consideration that any buyer should be looking into with these bikes is the issue of warranty. Warranty is a form of trust between the buyer and the seller which assures the buyer that the seller has the utmost trust in their product. Warranties come in different forms and sizes.

When purchasing this bike, or any other product for that matter, it is important that any information on warranty be looked into carefully before any decision on purchasing the bike is confirmed.

Recommended Best Commuter Bikes

There are hundreds of commuter bikes out there. Trying to go through them all would be an exercise in futility.

The purpose of this exposition is to list the bikes that offer the best of everything that a buyer would be interested in. These five bikes are known for their quality, and they will serve very well without causing any a headache to the user.

Critical Cycles Harper Single-Speed Fixed Gear Urban Commuter Bike

The design on the critical cycles fixed gear single speed urban road bike truly takes center stage. The bike is made to be very impressive and in all respects, it does not disappoint. This makes it one of the best commuter bikes to have out there.

Impressive Chain Wheel

The chain wheel of this bike is spectacular in both the way it appears and also the way it is designed. The chain wheel offers fundamental service to the bike and having one that is as good as this one is a real advantage.

Named Parts

The individual parts used to make this bike are sourced from reputable companies which make them reputable too. This gives the bike a sense of standard that is above normal.

Different Sizes

The bike makers knew that the bike would very likely be a favorite of different kinds of people. It was therefore made to accommodate different people by having it in three sizes. This is a huge advantage.

Has Accessories

The bike doesn't come alone but has added parts that perform different services all of which are geared towards making of the bike serve better.

Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Urban Road Bike

Of the many bikes in the market, critical cycles Harper single speed commuter bike always stands out for the unique design and adherence to quality.There may be many bikes that claim to be good, but few would ever reach the standards of this one.

Has Flip Flop

The flip-flop is a feature that enables the changing in the bike from the single speed mode to the fixed gear mode. The presence of flip-flop on the rear wheel makes the bike easier to manage.

Removable Brakes

The brakes of this bike can be removed at will. When they need to be replaced, therefore, the procedure shouldn't be that hard for the user at all.

Color Choice

For those who are usually interested in such matters, the bike comes in a variety of colors which means that there are options for any user to find their preferred bike regarding color. Users will love this variation.

Durable Fork

The fork is the central component at the front of the bike. It has to be durable to offer the best control the user of the bike. This fork is durable and offers the best service to the user at all times.

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

The Takara Kabuto is known for its quality about other bikes. The bike is exciting and good value for money too.

Double Brakes

The bike has a double brake system. The two systems of brakes work in tandem to offer the user with the best control he can hope for of any bike.

Change of Modes

The bike comes in two modes as I am sure you can tell from the name. Changing between the modes is made possible by a mechanism found in the rear wheel.

Adaptable Frame

The frame of this bike is made to be able to handle weights that vary a great deal. This is important because the bike will obviously be used for different errands and it should be equipped to handle these errands.

Alloyed Rims

The rims are made with an alloy. The importance of this cannot be overstated. The rims serve a fundamental task and must be kept in the best if conditions. This alloy ensures this is the case.

Vilano Women's Classic Urban Commuter Single Speed Bike

All bikes from Vilano are known never to disappoint, and the women's bike follows the trend quite well. It has a special set of functional parts and enabling which add to its allure immensely.

Removable Chain Ring

The chain ring when it does reach its limit of use can be removed and replaced by another chain. Many riders would appreciate this feature for its convenience.

Special Gear Technology

The bike has gears that have special technology that keeps these gears fixed and unable to interact with outside forces such as dust and other contaminants. These gears are therefore kept safe.

Pedals Are Free

The bike has pedals that come with the package and are free. These free pedals are however not of low quality as they can serve well for long before needing replacement.

Mode Change

The bike can be ridden either in fixed gear mode or the more common single speed mode. All these modes offer differing advantages to the rider, and it is up to them to choose.

Final Words

The five bikes presented here should be looked at carefully because it is these bikes that will offer the commuter the best service that they desire. Choosing a specific bike shouldn't be hurried through. The process can sometimes take long but in the end, the best bike should be chosen. You pick any of these bikes from your local bike store, and you are a lucky, happy rider.

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