Important Tips to Build Strength for Biking

Having endurance means, having the ability to persevere all day when you go on a bike tour down a single track, up hill, and in between everything. Whether you are in it for the ride laps or just to ride trails, it is required for a hardcore cyclist to develop strength, so that...


They can overcome weakness and become better cyclists. Depending on your goals, endurance and power as an athlete can mean many different things.

For a beginner or someone who wants to try the sport for the first time, power and strength could mean being able to ride for more than 2 hours tops, without stopping for breaks in between. Experienced riders will most likely be able to work up more than 60 – 70km of riding without getting tired. 

If you want to develop your endurance quickly, it is just as simple as dedicating a few hours a day, just riding your bike through different kinds of terrains and helping your body get used to the challenge.

Ideally, your main goal should be to be able to stay on your bike for long periods of time, without stopping to rest. But make sure to do this gradually because too much training in one go can tire you out, and lead to injuries.

how to build your strength for biking

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Ways to Build Your Strength

If you want to build strength, you should make sure to commit to training as much and as often as you can, in order to reach your goal. Make sure to do this gradually, so that your body does not feel "shocked".

First, dedicate at least an hour a day of your time to riding, so that your body can get used to riding longer.

Second, once you have hurdled an hour, and you feel that your body can take more training in a day, start to gradually go up to at least two hours a day, and then 3 hours when you think you can ride longer.


It is important that you get your body used to this kind of routine first, because without the proper training, this could usually end up in serious muscle cramps, muscle strains, and heaviness in breathing.

Make sure that when you do all your training time, that it is at a time where the weather is just right.

The weather can make a huge difference, and will be able to determine your performance when you start to gradually pick up the pace while riding your bike through terrains that go up hill.

Eventually, before you know it, you will be able to conquer going up a steep hill without even breaking a sweat.

Think about How to Boost Your Energy

It is important to know what you are capable of while you start to develop your endurance, and one of these factors include making use of your internal reserves.

Glycogen or better known as carbohydrates, are usually stored in the muscles and liver. These are the important and biggest forms of fuel.

Before you go out for a ride, always remember to stock up on carbohydrates, before you train, so that you have enough energy. Some riders will fail to eat before they train and push themselves till their limit, which often leads to weakness and fatigue right after.


Always remember that it won't be a lack of lactic acid, fats, or water that will slow you down in your tracks, it will most likely be, low muscle glycogen, low glucose levels, and low glycogen levels in the liver that will be the cause of your weakness during a ride.

Always Remember to Eat Breakfast

As we all say, "breakfast is the most important meal of the day". If you are fond of riding your bike early in the morning, always make sure to eat your breakfast, so that you have enough energy to sustain you throughout your ride.

Relying on your stored glycogen levels in the muscle and liver, does not necessarily guarantee that you’re good to go.

It is recommended that you stock up on protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats at least an hour or two before you go out on your ride to get better endurance results.


If you end up eating an hour before you ride, or lets say 20-30 minutes before, rather than getting the endurance boost that you need, it will most likely hold you back.

So your options are, to either get up early and eat breakfast early, or drink something that is rich in carbohydrates as you are on your way out for your ride.

Train Your Body to be Flexible

If you are the type of person who does not have flexibility at all, then chances are that you will end up feeling restricted while you are out on your ride. Flexibility is an important factor, if you wan to ride like a pro, then it is recommended that you develop flexibility right away.

Some risk factors that you might also want to consider, is the fact that you can get really bad back pain, or suffer other injuries related to stiffness.


If you risk getting a bad back, then it will mean that you will have to stop training for a while, till you can get your back checked out by a doctor.

Do some stretching everyday when you wake up and after you train. This will make a huge difference in your endurance. The more flexible you are, the better your ride will be.

Final Words

It is important that you get proper training so you will be able to develop your endurance on the bike. Once you have build up endurance, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to go up steep hills or try to climb a rocky terrain on your bike all day.

Either way, these things can be accomplished with sufficient training and practice.If you’re dedicated to improving your biking skills and stamina, you can ride through anything with ease….over time.

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