Charge Cooker Ss29er Mountain Bike Review

I have had bikes for the longest part of my life because I simply love them. They are the most convenient means of transport and having them gives you luxury and advantages that other modes of transport simply cannot give.


Because I love bikes, it is usually my interest to check out and know about every new bike that comes out. I want to be kept abreast of all new developments in the biking sector, and the easiest way to do this is to be aware of all the bikes themselves and what properties they have.

In the world of mountain bikes, the Charge Cooker ss29er mountain bike beats many bikes I have come across. This bike is one of the newer bikes in the market.

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It is a modern bike through and through and has some seriously impressive features to add to everything. I used this bike for quite a while before I fully appreciated all the features that it had to offer.

There are so many things that I appreciate in this mountain bike, and I’m going to mention them in this review so that you can also understand the features of this bike.

Frame Strength






  • A fully functional mountain bike
  • Has several gears for different modes of riding
  • Strong fork that is able to hold the bike
  • Can handle large weights


  • Gears drive up the cost of keeping the bike in shape

Key Features


Several Gears Present

The thing about mountain bikes that almost everyone usually wants to know about is the presence of gears. Gears are what set apart mountain bikes and without them, mountain bikes would be like any other normal bike.

This bike is like any other mountain bike and has gears that aid in traversing the different kinds of surfaces. Gears take away the hustle of driving from the user of the bike leaving him to enjoy the bike.


Terrain Handling

The bike has several ways by which it can handle any terrain easily. The gears are just one part of it, but there are other ways which are used to make the bike handle a hilly terrain.

The wheels of this bike are expanded, made bigger than your normal wheels which give them ability to negotiate bad roads perfectly.


Robust Frame

The frame is the main part of the bike. It must be able to handle the different kinds of roads that it will come upon. The frame also needs to be made so that it can handle shocks.

The frame needs to have shock absorbing properties so that it will not snap in two while being ridden. This bike has a robust frame that can handle shocks easily ensuring the safety of the rider.


Spectacular Rim Construction

The rims of the bike are designed with a strong and durable construction. The rims can withstand pressure and still keep the tire in shape.

The material that makes the rim must, therefore, be durable material and most preferably an alloy that will last long without rusting. It is made of a durable alloy that lasts long and provides the wheel with adequate protection.


Replaceable Components

The components of this bike are fitted into the bike at construction, and when the buyer buys the bike, it comes to him with every component. However, in the course of using the bike, some components may come undone as is usually the case with most bikes.

When this happens, the components can be easily replaced with other components that can be bought from the store. This bike is, therefore, a bike that you can use for the longest time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the bike require service?

A: Yes, being a mountain bike it has gears which need to be maintained constantly. However, the rate of service is entirely dependent on how much the owner of the bike chooses to use his bike. More use equals more service.

Are the replacement parts easily available?

A: Yes, the replacement parts can be found easily and frequently in the market.

Can it accommodate tall people?

A: The bike is equipped to handle both tall people and normal sized people.

Final Words

As far as bikes go, there is not a lot better you can do than this. This is one of the most impressive bikes in the business. It is well equipped to handle all kinds of rough terrain and is, therefore, the best bike for your outdoor adventures.

Have a go at this bike if you are looking for both quality and durability- which implies that the bike will last long- and I promise you that you will not regret it.

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