Children’s Balance Bike No Pedal Push Bike for Boys and Girls Review

Balance bikes are becoming more and more common as people are finally embracing the art of teaching their children the best way to ride bikes. Training bikes must, however, be chosen with care because any simple accident on them could lead to your child getting hurt very badly.


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The Children's Balance Bike No Pedal Push Bike is one of the premier bikes for training out there. I did not know about this bike till very recently when I was looking for a bike for my two-year-old son in the local shop.

I came across it and was instantly blown away. The bike was truly made to please. There are very few other bikes like it.

The fact that it does not have a specific trade name was a little turn off at first, so I put it to myself to study the bike to know more about its features and find out whether the bike was made to the best of standards.

I bought this bike for my little one and, since then, I have been using this bike to teach my son how to ride. It has brought us together, and he is catching on quickly.


Frame Strength








  • A standard training bike
  • Easy for kids to ride
  • More safety
  • For both boys and girls
  • Special tires


  • Some kids may have problems grasping the basics of bike use

Key Features


No Pedals

Being a training bike, this bike features a special design that does not include pedals. What the junior is supposed to learn is the basics of balancing so that it will be easy for them when they are riding a pedal bike.

The omission of pedals also makes the bike safer for the child and removes the risk of accidents.


Training Bike

This is not a normal bike but a training bike for your kid. What this means is that the bike is endowed with special features and doesn't look like your normal bike.

It is for children who are learning to ride and teaches them how to balance as well as giving them a platform to launch their riding careers.


For Both Boys and Girls

Unlike most other bikes out there which are usually exclusively male or female, this bike is to be used by both boys and girls. A bike that is made to accommodate both boys and girls presents an immense advantage that a buyer cannot ignore.

If you have both boys and girls among his children, he can buy one bike they can all use to learn about how to ride and how to make themselves better at all times.


Special Tires

The tires on this bike are not your normal tires. The bike is a training bike which means it will be used mostly for reaching kids. This means that the standard design of tires will not suffice with this bike.

The tires are, therefore, made of special material that makes them safe for the kids to ride on without worrying about safety. The bike can even be used by the smallest of children without fear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the bike guarantee the safety of my child?

A: Yes, the bike is designed to keep your child safe while they are on it. All features on this bike are made to ensure the safe use of the same while your child is on it.

Is any warranty details provided?

A: Warranty information comes with the bike when you buy it. The manual has information on bike use and also warranty.

Does it have height limits?

A: No, as long as the person is within normal range it can be used. The assumption is that all children have near normal heights.

Final Verdict

This is the best bike to purchase for your kids who are not yet at the age of handling pedal bikes. Most children are usually scared of learning about bikes because the balance usually eludes them.​

If the child can be taught progressively and gently on how to handle bikes, then it will serve them very well in the future. Go for this bike by all means.

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