Critical Cycles Cub No Pedal Balance Bike for Kids Review

Children loving moving from one point to the other. Once your child reaches a recommendable age, it is important to teach the basics of biking to make them the best riders. Training how to balance a bike is the most important thing that a child needs to learn.


By doing this, they will get full control when riding hence avoid the occurrence of any accidents. One of the best bikes that you need to buy for your kids is a no pedal bike.

How do you choose the right bike yet there are so many brands on the market? Relax, the Critical Cycles Cub No Pedal Balance Bike For Kids is among the best bikes you can buy for your little ones.

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I bought this bike for my child and they truly find pleasure being on two wheels. Now he has gained effective control and balance and ready to ride a pedal bike.

This no pedal bike is amazing and there are a lot of things that you and your kid will love about. Let me share our experience with this bike and I hope you will get something helpful.


Frame Strength








  • No pedals
  • Adjustable seats
  • Foot to floor design
  • Airless tires
  • Toddler balance


  • Unclear warranty information

Key Features


Foot to Floor

Foot to floor is one of the most advanced design aspects of this bike. It means that the bike has a short enough length such that the child can have his or her feet on the floor in an instance.

You can be sure that your kid is safe when they are riding. The bike teaches balance and in that time, before it is fully functional, the child needs the safety of a bike that accommodates foot to floor.


Safe Design

Other than the safe foot to floor feature there are other aspects of this bike that also make it a very safe bike to have. The importance of a training bike being safe cannot be overstated.

The bike is made to ensure that your child is well protected from falling or injuring himself in any way. This way the child can be assured that he or she will learn about riding in a safe environment.


Balance Improvement

The most important lesson that this bike hopes to impart upon your kid is that of balance. The issue of balance is the most important issue that any rider has to deal with

This bike introduces balance in a way that the child can easily relate to and remember in the long run. The result of this is that the child learns the most basic aspect of riding before even embarking on his or her first bike.


Adjustable Seat Posts

The seat offers comfort to the child as they are riding on the bike. Children are of differentiated heights and weights, and it's the beauty of being human

What this bike does well is allowing the shifting of seat positions so that children of different sizes and heights can be well accommodated on the bike. This is important as it makes the bike useful to a variety of children who may not be the same size.


Airfree Tires

The tires are special tires that are not air-filled. The tires of normal bikes are usually filled with air to make them comfortable and able to handle the height and weight of the people on them.

Because this is a children's bike and more than that a training bike it has to have special tires that make it safer for the child. These tires are the result of this endeavor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the bike CPSC compliant?

A: This bike is in conformity with any guidelines that it needs to be.

What is the nature of the frame design?

A: The frame design is step through.

Can it be used by children older than five?

A: No, it is not suitable for older children.

Final Verdict

If you have a toddler, and you want to introduce them to the world of bikes and riding, then this is the perfect bike for you. 

It comes equipped with lots of safety features to protect your child while on it, and it most crucially teaches them balance so that the transition to more normal bikes is smooth and easy for the child. Buy it for them and they will at all times appreciate it.

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