Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Classic Single Speed Track Bike Review

Critical cycles are a well-known firm that specializes in manufacturing different bikes that make riding very easy. The Critical Cycles fixed gear classic single speed track bike is their best selling single speed bike.


There are other kinds of bikes from this brand which means that the quality of the bikes they make is assured. The bike comes equipped with all manner of niceties and goodies which exist to make your job as a rider easy. With this bike, there is even more tweaking and twisting.

I've owned one of these for the longest time, and all I can say is that this is because of the reliability I get from it. Having started out with a different brand, I quickly switched to this one in seeing how much better it was.

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I did not regret this switch and honestly do not see myself owning any other bike ever apart from this one. It is that perfect. Let's check out all the features that make it stand out.

Frame Strength






  • Good saddle material
  • Rims made of solid stainless steel
  • Handlebars have an extra layer of rubber
  • Has a place for a water mount
  • Has lots of accessories


  • Chain often comes loose after repeated use

Key Features


Bike Building Tools

The package which comes with this bike includes a lot of other instruments which an enthusiastic user can use to build their Bike. These accessories are the heart and soul of this bike.

They can be used to fix the bike when it is broken and more than this help in the restoration of an entirely new bike from scratch.


Water Mount

The device features a place specifically designed to carry a water bottle. This is the place that's usually called a water mount.

When going mounting dehydration can set in pretty quickly, and it helps to have a bike that has a place where a water bottle can be stored and retrieved to cool the thirst of the rider.


Double Wall Rims

The rims of the device are impressive double wall rims which mean that these rims have both an outer component and an inner component. These double walled rims are very resourceful and provide service more than most other kinds of rims.

They hold the tire together and hold the spokes as well. When the tire is together the bike is at no risk of falling or hurting the user in other ways.


Rubber Grip Handlebars

The handlebars are equipped with the best kind of technology and are made to be able to withstand immense amounts of pressure. These handlebars also boast a covering of the very finest rubber which ensures...

That the rider has a good grip on the bike and isn't likely to fall and hurt himself or herself. The rubber also prevents loss of grip that is usually caused by sweaty hands, and again saves the rider from harm.


Comfortable Saddle

In the discussion of bicycles and the things that make them good, rarely will you find the subject of saddles popping up. It is usually taken for granted the role that saddle plays in the making of bike rides comfortable.

The saddle, however, deserve a mention because they are that good. The design is in such a way as to ensure that the seating place is as comfortable as can be and that back support is provided so that the user can feel good while using the bike. These saddles make having this bike worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the bike enabled to support a change of mode?

A: Yes, the bike is a flip-flop, and this means that the rear wheel and spokes allow for changing from fixed gear to single speed.

Does the track frame have barspin clearance?

A: Yes, the frame has this capability.

What are more parts of this bike?

A: Wanda tires, kmc chain, promax brake, and a three piece crank.

Final Words

This is the bike for all your needs. Be it mountain biking or more sane activities it is well equipped to handle all these forms of terrain.

It is also a bike that will not fold even under the greatest of pressure and therefore can be used for long and exhausting journeys and will hold up nicely. I recommend this bike to any serious bikers out there as one of the best that they should have.

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