Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Urban Road Bike Review

Bikes are some of the most popular transport devices in the world over. They have been with us for the longest period and have served us well during that whole period. In the time that we have had bikes a lot has changed.


Advances have been made and such huge advances that a bike from an earlier age- the 1940s perhaps- would hardly be recognizable when put side by side with a bike from today. 

These advances are necessary and helpful in increasing our safety and making bikes last longer. The Critical Cycles Fixed gear single speed Fixie urban road bike is one of these modern bikes as you can see from the components that it has.

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In all the time that I have had to see it, there has been nothing that has disappointed me. And so I write this review with one heart. All the features that I came across impressed me immensely and I'm sure they will impress you the same way too.

There may be a few niggles, but that is part of the process, and there is no bike that is one hundred percent good. Anyway, let's get on with the discussion.

Frame Strength






  • Chain system is made of alloy metal
  • Comes in a variety of sizes
  • Functional chain wheel for most comfort
  • Has accessories
  • Has quality individual parts


  • Lack of a brand name might be an issue for some people

Key Features


Useful Accessories

The accessories on this bike are not just there for show. Usually, most bikes come with accessories and lots of other added parts that serve a very little function. Such bikes are usually not designed for the average rider in mind.

Here every bit of accessory included has a function to make the bike a better piece of technology that should serve the rider better. The result of this is more comfort for the rider.


Brand Name Parts

All the parts of this bike, be it specific companies have designed the frame or the chain or the mudguard or the handlebars. This assures us that these parts are of the highest quality.

The inclusion of these quality parts makes the bike be good and have the best reputation that you can think of at all times. Ultimate comfort is the result.


Superb Chain Wheel

The chain wheel is like the engine of the bicycle. The chain wheel has to be designed very well if the bike is to be considered a good bike. The chain wheel of this bike is made so well that there are not many like it.

This is because the manufacturers used unique technology to design these chains to ensure that ultimate comfort and durability are achieved.


Different Sizes

When you go to the store to buy this bike, there are a few things that you might want to consider. One of these things is the question of whether these bikes come in different sizes and with this bike, the answer would be a resounding yes.

The bike comes in three sizes: small at 49 cm, medium at 53 cm, and large at 57 cm. The availability of all these sizes gives the buyer options when they are choosing which bike to buy.


Alloy Material

The chain wheel is perhaps the most important component of the bike, and it should be so because without this system there would be no bike. The chain system in this bike is made of an alloy of metals.

What this gives the bike is the combined advantage of all the alloyed metals while reducing their disadvantages for a highly functional chain system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there support for a rear rack on this bike?

A: The rear part of the bike isn't made to accommodate any other thing hence there is no support for another component.

Are rear fenders available for this bike?

A: No, the bike does not allow for the fitting of rear fenders on the rear.

Are different types of breaks accommodated on this bike?

A: This bike can handle different breaks with no problems at all.

Final Words

This is not a bike for those who do not want quality. It is one of those bikes that demand a level of respect and good treatment from the owner. And all this is because of the awesome properties it possesses.

Riders looking for an awesome urban road bike will find this model a great selection. What should prevent you from buying such a wonderful bike?

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