Critical Cycles Harper Single Speed Fixed Gear Urban Commuter Bike Review

Bikes play a significant role in helping people cover relatively short distances. There are different types of bikes in the market that are designed for commuters. The Critical Cycles Harper Single Speed Fixed Gear Urban Commuter Bike is a...


Superb single speed bike every commuter would love to own. The bike comes with a variety of features that make riding around the town an interesting activity. With this commuter bike, you can to almost everywhere you want your bike to take you.

Whether you are riding on tough or smooth terrains, the bike will always provide you with a smooth ride, thanks to the elegant tires that are designed for city riding.

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Ever since I started working to a city close to my home, I have always used this bike and so far I find it worth reviewing it so that my fellow commuters can find out what they are missing.

Frame Strength






  • Well built rims
  • Pedals constructed to high degrees of accuracy
  • Double breaks
  • Gear support


  • Some components are not up to standard and bring down the quality of the bike

Key Features


Deep Rims

The rims on this bike are deep and robust. The rims have a length of thirty millimeters. They provide the bike with an anchoring place as well as give the bike aesthetic value.

They do hold the wheel together and serve to keep the spokes in place as the user sees fit. On top of that, the rims make the bicycle presentable as compared to other types of bikes with poorly designed rims.


Two Sets of Breaks

No one needs to be told that having one pair of breaks in a bike is a disadvantage as compared to a bike with more than one pair of breaks. These two breaks give your bike all the stopping power it needs to be able to move at leisure.

You do not have to be troubled by the constant worry of your breaks giving way right at the moment you are approaching top speed.


No Toe Overlad

The pedals have no toe overlap. This means that there is no extra space at the front of the pedal to accommodate the toe.

While this might seem like a disadvantage it shouldn't be viewed this way, most people have normally sized toes so there is no need really for there to be extra space.


Mode Changing

Mode changing is an advanced feature that enables a rider to change from one riding mode to another. This bike comes with two kinds of modes and with the mode changing capability the user can shift between the two modes at ease.

This enables the bike to be used for a variety of purposes.


High-Quality Spokes

Spokes aren't talked about much in bicycles, but they should be because they offer an invaluable service. Without spokes the bicycle would lack balance and the wheel wouldn't be able to hold itself together.

The spokes of this bike are made of high-quality alloy which helps in preserving the spokes from corrosion and also makes them durable and tough.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of the tires and the wheels of this commuter bike?

A: This is among the best bikes that I have. It has a wheel size of 700c*23 and I find the tires pretty thick.

Is the bike assembled or does it come ready for use?

A: The bike is shipped in parts which then have to be assembled by the user when he buys the bike.

Is expert knowledge needed during the assembling of the bike?

A: Not a lot of knowledge is needed. The basics of mechanics will be able to get someone through assembling this bike easily.

Final Words

If you want to ride with confidence when you are going to work, school or any other place, get this urban bike and you will love your experience with the bike. It is an awesome bike designed with a strong frame to accommodate even the heaviest riders.

I can testify that the bike is built of durable components. Everything about it is simply awesome. Get this model and enjoy riding across the city without any problems with this freestyle bike.

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