8 Practical Reasons to Use Cycling Gloves

If you’re into cycling, you will need the right cycling gloves. You will be able to reap the full rewards of cycling when you’re comfortable on a bike for hours on end. Cycling gloves are an important part of your gear and without it, you will be unable to enjoy the activity as much as you’d like.


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8 Advantages for Using Cycling Gloves

When you have chosen the right cycling gloves in terms of size, fit and style, you will enjoy these benefits.


Enhanced Comfort and Protection for Your Hands

Cycling isn’t just hard on your legs and feet – it’s also hard on your hands. You can quickly develop blisters and calluses from the constant pressure on your palms from gripping the handlebars. Your fingers will also be weary from the constant shifting of gears.


You should wear cycling gloves so that your skin has an extra layer of protection. Your hands will be less likely to develop painful blisters and calluses. You will also enjoy more comfort in your hands, which means you can enjoy longer rides.


Improved Grip and Control

Your body will generate plenty of sweat when biking especially during warm and humid days. Your sweaty hands cannot maintain its firm grip. You will then have reduced grip on the handlebars and decreased control over your bike.

Cyclist hand

The best cycling gloves have wicking technology to keep your hands dry by drawing away moisture. You will then be able to maintain a better grip on over your bike’s handlebars. You will need a strong grip and control during long-distance rides, off-road rides, and cycling competitions.


Better Shock Absorption

Your hands absorb part of the shock coming from the contact between your bike and the road. The shock from the front fork travels to your arms and shoulders resulting in sore muscles after an hour or two of riding without cycling gloves.

Many cycling gloves have cushioning materials, such as foam or gel padding, built into the palm area.


The padding absorbs the shock from the road reducing the energy transmitted from the bike to your body. You will not only enjoy a smoother ride but your body will be less sore after hours of riding.


Increased Warmth in Your Hands

You will appreciate the added layer of protection against the cold from wearing padded cycling gloves. Your choices include regular bike gloves for warmer days and thick gloves with liners for cooler days.

Many cycling gloves have cushioning materials, such as foam or gel padding, built into the palm area.


You can also use Moose Mitts or lobster claw gloves, which are well-insulated mittens attached to the handlebars. You will still be able to grip the handlebars, shift the gears, and work the brakes in a normal manner.


Added Protection in a Crash

When you crash, your first instinct will likely be to put out your hands to break your fall. But your hands can be injured when it makes contact with the ground. Your injuries can range from cuts, scrapes and bruises to sprains, strains and fractures.


Cycling gloves provide added protection for your skin when a crash happens. Your gloves can be torn in many places after a crash but your hands, at least, will have lesser injuries.


Wiping Your Nose!!

When you’re riding in colder temperatures, your nose will start running sooner or later. Since you will not have a handy handkerchief to wipe your snot rockets, you can use your cycling gloves. Your concerns about hygiene will be overridden by your need to wipe your nose, ASAP.

But don’t worry as your cycling gloves have a fleece lining at the back of their thumbs. You can use it for wiping off your snot – one hand off your bike’s handlebar, wipe off your nose, and voila!


Expression of Personal Style

Your biker’s life is also full of expressions of personal style and cycling gloves are part of it. You can choose from a wide range of styles from short to long-fingered gloves.


You also have several choices in materials like cotton and fleece as well as colors from basic black to flirty red.


Protection for the Bike’s Parts

Your cycling gloves trap the sweat from your hands, which otherwise drip to your bike’s shifters. The high mineral content moisture will build up over time resulting in faster wear and tear for these parts.


2 Tips for Choosing Cycling Gloves

But to enjoy these benefits, you have to use the right kind of cycling gloves. Keep these tips in mind when making your choice.

First, choose your gloves based on the type of biking you’re planning to make. Your choices include:

  • Road and cross-country MTB cycling gloves are designed with maximum comfort in mind. These are made with thick padding for optimum shock absorption, an ideal choice when touring or training outdoors.
  • Short finger gloves, or mitts, are suitable for riding in warmer weather. These have mesh venting for improved airflow while their fingerless design provides greater breathability. These also provide an extra layer of cushioning between the handlebars and your hands.
  • Long finger gloves are usually used during cooler weather to provide warmth for the hands. These are also suitable for on-road fitness training, recreational riding, and commuting. The grips on the trigger finger aids in better braking and gearing control in wet conditions.
  • Mountain biking gloves are designed for the demands of gravity riding, such as in downhill and Enduro cycling. These are typically long finger gloves made from tougher materials, such as carbon composites and molded plastic on higher-end gloves.
  • Winter cycling gloves offer improved wind and rain protection. These are also designed with added thermal insulation to prevent your hands from freezing during cold weather.

Second, get the best fit. You want snug cycling gloves that are neither too loose nor too restrictive. With loose gloves, your hands can develop blisters. With restrictive gloves, your hands can swell with blood resulting in less dexterity.

Final Words

When you have chosen the right gloves for your cycling needs, you should stick to them. Unless, of course, you have to change them for something new or better.

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