Diamondback JR Viper Kid’s Bike Review

Diamondback is the maker of very popular bikes, and they have been making these bikes for the longest time. In the matter of children's bikes, then there is simply no better bike than the Diamondback JR Viper Kid's Bike.


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When I got this bike for my son, we weren't expecting much out of it, to be honest. We had gone through many bikes before, and as it almost always is, we hadn't found anything to suggest that there were bikes out there that would be fit for children.

On getting this bike, therefore, we were simply fulfilling a duty, simply making sure that an obligation was kept. If we had known how good this bike would be our enthusiasm would have been much higher, but we didn't.

It became clear however after a very few number of rides that we had stumbled upon a true piece of treasure on this bike. When this became apparent, I went back to reading more about the specifications of the bike to see what made it stand out so.

This review is a result of that perusal. I found quite many fascinating facts and finally came to appreciate that the makers of the bike had done a superb job on it. Below are some of the features I found out.

Frame Strength






  • Advanced brakes system
  • Extra comfortable seat
  • Well constructed tires
  • Durable Frame
  • Quality fork proving better balance and stability


  • Some models came in defective modes

Key Features


Durable Frame

The frame holds all the components of the bike together, and it's therefore, quite important that the frame is of good metal. The frame of this bike features the finest metal to ensure that your child is safe while riding their bike.

The durable frame also means that the bike will last long and isn't likely to get broken or cut into pieces at any time as well as preventing rust from taking place.


Durable Fork

The fork is also made of the best materials. While the purpose of the frame is to hold the bike together, the fork serves the purpose of keeping balance on the bike and prevents accidents that are usually caused by lack of balance and that can be very harmful in the long run.


Alloy Brakes

The brakes on the bike are special alloy brakes. Alloys are metal combinations that have immense strength and very few disadvantages. The presence of alloy brakes gives these bikes the best control that any parent can hope for.

Your child will be safe while using these bikes because these brakes are very unlikely to stop working. Safety is guaranteed, and more than this control is given to the child so that the bike does not get spoiled.


Alloy Brakes

Brakes are not the only component that is made of alloy metal. The rims of the bike are also made of special alloy. This allows the rims to be easily durable and can last for very long without giving up.

The rims play an important part in keeping the balance of the bike and also hold the tire together to prevent it from collapsing. Ensuring that rims are in the best condition is an important undertaking.


Padded Seat

The seat of this bike will truly make your child feel comfortable and safe. It is a padded seat, and this means that there is an extra layer of material to ensure that the backside is comfortable while on the seat

The seat also is good for keeping the back safe while the kid is riding the bike. Safety of the back is very important if the child is not to have complications later on in life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the type of brake system?

A: The brake system is a dual system that features both rear and front brakes.

What about the wheels is unique?

A: The wheels have no spoke adjustment which means they are true.

Is knowledge needed to assemble the bike?

A: Yes. Some mechanical skills will help in the assembling of the bike but not much.

Final Words

This is the bike to get your child. For a present of any kind it will greatly be appreciated, and sooner or later he'll be hailing you as the greatest parent on earth.

With all the safety features installed, you don't have to worry about the child getting injured on it, and he will have a lot of fun riding it. Get it for your children for it is the best kid's bike out there.

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