5 Tricks to Dodge a Player in Basketball

Basketball is a contact sport. Players need to get physical in order to get the ball and pass it to another player. But it doesn’t mean that they necessarily have to be too rough because that would be considered a foul.


If you may have noticed, the best basketball teams out there are successful because they have strategies, they don’t just play for the sake of shooting the ball through the hoop.

However, there are teams and coaches that do not make defense a top priority on their list while they are trying to develop their game. You may be asking why? Well for starters, it is not easy to play defense in basketball, but it can be done the right way.

Unfortunately, not all players and coaches are enthusiastic about putting in time and much needed effort into developing defense on the court, because players and coaches find this part of training enjoyable and fun as other parts of training.

It is understandable if other players will find dribbling, passing, shooting and other aspects of the game better to practice so that is where they spend most of their time, but remember that in order for you to become a well rounded basketball player in all parts of the game.

You need to complete defense training and learn how to enforce it in to become a huge success.


The following are some tips that you can use that are equally as much fun as the offense part of training. This will get you more used to developing your defense skills as much as the offense. Try it out, and see how it goes for you.

5 Tips For A Better Defense in Basketball

As mentioned above, defense is a very important part of the game as much as the offense side, and you need to advance this part of your skills so that you can ensure that you have full advantage over everyone else on your team.

Here are some tips that you can follow to better develop your ball defense:


Don’t Loose Your Balance

Sometimes the purpose of your offensive moves is to get you to properly balance yourself, because if you manage to loose your balance while playing, the offensive player can end up blowing by you.


So you must guard your ball with your life while you are holding it to help you improve your balance:

  • You must first stay on your feet, do not make any unnecessary fake shots.
  • Do not lunge for the ball because you can get off balance. Instead take a step forward.o Always keep your feet wide apart to keep you balanced, do not make the mistake to keep your feet together.
  • Always keep your knees bent and in an athletic stance, if you fail to keep your legs bent, you will easily lose balance.
  • When you are going to attempt to slide, take short steps because if your feet get too close together, you can end up loosing your balance and let go of the ball.


Be on Top of the Ball

Sometimes players will fail to remember that they need to block the other player from shooting the ball, but they do not how to do it the right way.


If you wan to do this effectively, first check if the ball is below the mid section, if you find that it is, place your hand above the ball. This will prevent the other player from performing the shooting position.


Put Your Hand on The Ball When Opponent Is Attempting to Shoot

Most players will also fail to see this, and sometimes make the mistake of grabbing the ball from the other player instead of just placing their hands. The best defense in this situation is to put your hand on the ball if the other player is in a shooting position.


This will prevent the player from shooting, thus give you the chance to not jump, because this can cause you to lose balance.


Place Your Hands Under the Ball When It's above the Head

If you noticed, there are some players who make the mistake of wrong defense when they just try to slap the ball away from the other player.

To do this correctly, if you find that the other player is already attempting to place the ball above their heads, place your hands underneath the ball so that it can flip upward.


This will prevent fouls, if you swing the ball downward it can be considered a foul by the referee, plus this technique will also prevent the other player from positioning the ball downward to a shooting position.


Always Keep Your Head Down

One of the many ways that you can prevent the other players from shooting, is to always keep your head lower than the other player.

girl basketball game

With this technique, you have the advantage of getting underneath the other player and will give you the chance to slide your feet and take the ball away. Plus it will keep you away from unnecessary calls from the referee.

Final Words

As you can see, there are many advantages to having the correct defensive style. With the right practice and training, you can be untouchable on the court. Just make sure to follow all the rules so that you do not get flagged for fouls.

Defense is a very important part of the game, and it is recommended that you also put in as much time to train defensively as much as you would train offensive, so that you get the perfect balance of both and win every game that you play.

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