Dynacraft Magna Gravel Blaster Boys Bike Review

Children need to get the right bike that suits them so that they can have fun riding. Bikes for kids come with features that would make them interesting for kids and most crucially come in a way that is easy for children to handle and appreciate.


The market for children's bikes has been expanding rapidly for many years and as is always the case whenever any market expands then people have to find ways to make money there. It is why there are so many bikes for children out there.

With all these bikes it can be particularly challenging to know about a specific bike in the market. The Dynacraft bike is one of these children's bikes, and it is by far one of the better ones out there.

I've known this bike for a few weeks only but already I am convinced that it is one of the best out there. Below we get into the features that see it crowned as one of the best bikes.

Frame Strength






  • Training wheels included
  • Can be used by very young children
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Saddle made for kids
  • Well decorated exterior


  • No girl version

Key Features


Gloss Exterior

Bikes are usually rugged pieces of machinery. Most of the time when reviewing them the focus will be on the way they are made, and the components with little thought put to the exterior.

This bike goes against this principle by having one of the best exteriors in the industry it is gloss finished which makes it shiny and enhances the beauty of the bike greatly. It is a simple innovation but one that goes a long way in making this bike stand out.


Training Wheels

This is more than just a bike. It has a set of training wheels which means that it can be used for training your kid in the finer aspects of balance.

Instead of getting a new balance bike you can use this bike to teach your kids how to ride and once they know it the training wheels can be easily removed, and the child can be left to ride the bike in all freedom and comfort


Adjustable Components

This bike also has one other advantage, and that is the presence of adjustable components. What I mean by adjustable components is the fact that the bike has parts that can re-fitted to different specifications.

This is important because not all kids are of the same size or height or weight. This bike equalizes all that and provides for the smoothest ride.


Life Warranty

On the frame and fork, the bike offers a lifetime of warranty. This is one of the primary pros of this bike.

The frame and the fork are perhaps the most critical components in all the bike and to have them fitted with lifetime warranty assures the user that he can have the bike be looked at any time without worries.


Paddled Saddle

The saddle is often overlooked in any bike. But this shouldn't be so as it performs some of the most important tasks on the bike and has to be at its best to function.

This bike being a kids' bike needs comes with a comfortable saddle hence giving little one with comfort when riding. It delivers a paddle saddle which ensures the comfort of your child as well as assuring of health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the bike good for older boys?

A: Older boys might think of the bike as too amateur for their Taste, so no.

Are there any harmful metallic components on the bike?

A: All the metal used on the bike is nontoxic.

What kind of brakes does the bike have?

A: The bike has very reliable coaster brakes that are well known for their reliability.

Final Words

For any parent or older sibling looking for the best bike for their children, this is the bike to have. It is made with such a right level of care that your child will love it for life.

In the short time, I've known of this bike I have not had cause to doubt any of its abilities, and I'm almost sure that the next time I'm going out to buy a bike l will be getting this particular bike.

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