Infographic: Essential Tips for Kids for Learning To Ride Bicycle

Did you know that learning how to ride a bicycle may be considered as one of the milestones in a kid’s life? Some may think that it is only a simple activity that most kids go through, but there is more to it. Learning how to ride a bike for beginners can also be the start of mobile independence.


If you are a parent, then you know that at some point, your kid will ask you for a bike. Also, you should know that one of the responsibilities of a parent is knowing how to teach a kid to pedal a bike. After all, who else can teach your child better than you?

Learning to ride a bicycle can be worrying and nerve-wracking for some parents. It is not that easy to watch kids try to control and balance a two-wheeled vehicle while riding it. It can be terrifying to watch and back-breaking at the same time.

That is why, to make the learning process easier, below are some tips that you can follow. These tips can help your kid learn riding a bike faster, safer, and easier.

Essential Tips for Kids for Learning To Ride Bicycle

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Choose the Right Bike

Of course, you need to make sure that you choose the correct bike size for your child. The bicycle needs to be the perfect fit. If you get a bike that is too big, the tendency is that he will lose his confidence and will start to feel intimidated.

If you choose a small bike with training wheels, his confidence to learn may also be reduced. Training wheels can help but relying on them can create instability and insecurity.

To know if the bike is just the right size, your child should be able to have both feet on the ground while standing over the top tube. He should also be comfortable while riding and should always be in control.

Safety Should Always be the Top Priority

It is also important for your child to have safety gears such as elbow pads, knee pads, and helmet. Your child should always wear a helmet regardless of where he is. 

Also, make sure that the helmet is fastened correctly because it may defeat its purpose if not. Your child should also wear comfortable clothes. This is important so that there will no hindrance when he gets on or off the bike.

 It is not a good idea to wear baggy clothes because the excess fabric might deter your child’s ability to maneuver or get off quickly if needed.

Learn Riding in a Safe and Suitable Place

Needless to say, a child learning how to ride a bike for the first time needs to be away from any potential dangers. These dangers may include cars and other vehicles, including other bicycle riders.

It is also best to avoid places where there are a lot of people or children playing nearby. This is because they might run across your child’s path or might cause your child to lose his focus.

Look for a grassy area with small slopes so that in case your child falls, the ground will not be that hard. The slopes can also help your child to improve on controlling his steering and getting his feet on the pedals in time.

Have Your Child Learn Without Pedals

Taking the pedals off the bike allows your child to feel how it is to balance the bike. He can also feel safer as he can plant his feet on the ground anytime to stop. 

Riding the bike without the pedals is also a great way or your child to learn how to scoot and coast. Once your child has mastered both, then he can start learning how to turn and steer.

Riding the Bike with Pedals

When your child is ready, you can now replace the pedals and have your child ride on the real bike. 

Remember to keep the seat in a lowered position so that your child can easily put his feet on the ground when needed. Practice pedal awareness by having him search for the them with his feet and not with his eyes.


Learning how to ride a bike for beginners as well as knowing how to teach a kid to pedal a bike can be challenging. But, it can always be done with proper techniques and guidance. 

You just need to invest in time and effort while also considering the tips mentioned above. With these techniques, you can be an important contributor to your kid’s mobile independence.

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