5 Effective Drills to Improve Footwork in Basketball

When playing basketball, footwork plays an important part simply because it is the foundation of any basketball game. Teaching your players some solid techniques will help them become better players.


There are many ways that you can acquire this skill but it usually involves hard work and dedicating all your time and effort to training.

There are footwork drills that have been tested over time to really be effective. Some players may be familiar with these drills. Now you may be wondering, what’s the purpose of developing your footwork?

​When basketball players have extraordinary skills when it comes to moving their feet, they can effectively play offense, defense, and rebound and be good in every aspect of the game. That is why coaches condition players to have good footwork speed.


All of the info that will be discussed here will help inspire and motivate you as a coach or a basketball player, and enable you to focus more on the enhancement of footwork.

Here are a couple of drills that you can use while you are training alone, with team members or with a family member or friend.

Basketball Drills to Improve Footwork

Always remember that with good footwork and agility, you can do anything on the court and at the same time be prepared for anything that you might encounter during your game.

In order for you to be effective in both defense and offense, you need to hone your ability to change directions swiftly while maintaining your balance at all times. If you improve your footwork, you will quickly see the improvement in everything that you do down to shooting and dribbling.

The best way for you to improve is with drills that are carefully designed to mimic on court movements. Here are some drills that can help you control your landing coordination, balance, footwork, backward and forward movements:


Inside Hop Scotch

If you have been a fan of hopscotch when you were younger, you will notice that the pattern of this game is to hop with one foot on the square and two in two squares, for basketball it is quite similar only in a different pattern.

This is also one of those drills that are great to use if you lack a little hand and eye coordination. First, stand behind your training ladder then hop into the first box in front of you, but make sure that you land on one foot.

Inside Hop Scotch

Again with the next one but this time landing on both feet, and on to the third box but landing on the foot that is opposite from the first.

Continue this pattern until you finish the entire ladder and do at least twice back and forth. As you can see it is very similar to hopscotch, but it has a different patterns.


Scissor Hops

This drill can be a little confusing, just remember to pay attention to the pattern of the drill. Position yourself behind the ladder, then hop but make sure that both your feet are on the outside of the first rung. Hop again and land with your right foot in the first box, while the other in the next box.

Scissor Hops

Next, hop and land with both feet outside the first rung, hop again but this time using your left foot in the first box, while your right is in the second box, then hop and land with both your feet outside the second rung. Continue with this pattern until you finish the entire ladder, and do at least two times.


Forward Carioca

This drill will challenge your footwork and agility, also your movement. Start by standing behind the ladder, then step into the first box and position yourself in the center with your left foot.

Cross your right foot behind your left foot in the first box. Slightly step to the left with your left foot, then again with your right foot to then back to the starting position.

playing basketball

Continue with this pattern until you finish the entire ladder, and do at least two times. On the second set, start with the opposite foot so if you start with your right because you are right handed, on the next start with your left foot.


Four Step Run

This drill will test your speed and agility. First start by placing yourself behind the ladder. Quickly run through the ladder and place both your feet in each box, then again with both your feet in to the same box.

Two Up, One Back

Do this all in small steps, similar to a stutter motion. On your second set, lead with your opposite foot to balance it. Do this at least twice.


Two Up, One Back

This drill is great for developing your footwork and movement, because it mimics a game situation. You can do this drill by first starting behind the ladder. Place your feet into the second box, but skipping the first one, then step back into the first box.


Repeat this pattern in a two up and one back pattern throughout the entire ladder. If you want to challenge yourself, you can skip two boxes instead of one or how many boxes you want just as long as you do it quickly, on your next set start with your opposite foot and do this at least twice.

Final Words

When doing all of these drills make sure that you are doing them correctly. After all of the hard work that you put into training, you will see that you have improved significantly as a basketball player. 

Footwork really plays an important part in any basketball game. And as long as you have done your part in making sure that you train effectively, you will see that all the hard work will start to pay off.​

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