What Are the Hand Signals to Teach Your Kids for Cycling?

Does your child know how to use hand signals when riding their bikes? You need to teach your kids hand signals for cycling for their own safety.There are many parents out there that are too concentrated about teaching their kids how to ride their bikes.


But the first step should always be teaching your kids to avoid dangerous situations that lead to many injuries every year. Safety should always be your first priority when teaching your kids anything.

Teaching them how to balance is quite easy for most kids, but you always have to make them remember to follow the 5 simple rules of riding their bikes. It may take a few hours, but it is definitely worth all the effort.

Teach Your Kids Hand Signals for Cycling

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Basic Rules to Remember

If you are not familiar with the 5 rules of riding a bike, here is a quick refresher course which you can also pass on to your kids:


Know When to Stop

Bike crashes happen all the time, and they almost always involve young children. Such accidents often happen when a child rides their bike down a driveway or a sidewalk and into the street.

You must always remember to teach your child the importance of knowing when to stop, look left and right, listen to the sounds around them.

They should also make it a point to ensure that there are no cars before they ride into the street. Use your driveway to demonstrate how to enter a street properly.

Have your child practice every other day, or before they ride their bikes. Make sure that they understand the rules. It is important that they always become aware of their surroundings.


You must also teach them to assume that the driver is not always looking at the road, and they have to stay cautious at all times.

You must also teach them to assume that the driver is not always looking at the road, and they have to stay cautious at all times. Teaching them these rules will ensure that they are safe from any harm or accidents on the road.


Obey Stop Signs

There are also a lot of accidents that happen when kids fail to follow the stop signs and traffic lights while crossing through traffic.

The second rule that a kid must know before they ride their bikes, is to learn how to stop, look left, look right and left again at all stop signs, stop lights and intersections before crossing.

Make sure that they also know the basics about stop signs, and where they should be positioned while riding when they get to a stop sign.

FB Turn

Make sure to tell them that they should always be positioned on the right side of traffic. You can practice this with your child regularly so that they grasp the idea of using these rules while riding their bikes. While you are at it you can also explain one-way streets to them too.


Ride on the Right Side of the Road

When parents fail to teach their children that they need to use the right lane at all times, this can increase the likelihood of accidents.

kid on bike

Teach them that fast cars always come unexpectedly and drivers sometimes become oblivious to those who cross the street. Always ensure that your kids know this rule so that they can steer clear of fast cars.


Check Behind Before Turning, Swerving and Changing Lanes

Teach your children to look on both sides before they do any turns or changing of lanes.They should also look behind them to find out if there are any oncoming cars that may be too close to them.

You can do it!

Practice this with your kids regularly so that they know the importance of these rules on the road. Children should not ride on the street alone until they are familiar with these rules.

Hand Signals to Teach Youd Kids for Cycling

After you have taught your child the basics of riding their bike on the road, it is time to teach them the basic hand signals that they can use every time they go biking. Here are some of the hand signals that you can teach your children:

  • Turning right – To turn right, you must tell your child that they need to bend their arms upwards to a 90 degree angle to signal drivers or other bikers that they are turning right. This is important to prevent them from getting run over by a car.
  • Turning left - When turning left, teach them that they must extend their arm fully and in a straight direction to the left side to signal drivers that they are turning left. 
  • Stopping – To stop, teach your kids that they need to bend their elbow downward to a 90 degree angle, to signal drivers and other bikers that they are about to stop.

These signs are very easy to learn, and as a parent, you have to make sure that you take the time to teach this to them every other day so that they get the hang of using the hand signals at all times.

Final Words

Riding a bike is a fun experience especially for kids. But you must also ensure their safety when they are riding their bikes in the streets.

Hopefully, by inculcating in them the importance of following basic rules and knowing how to use the hand signals correctly, they will be able to enjoy their rides safely every time. In summary, teach your kids hand signals for their own safety when riding their bikes.

The signals are really easy – there’s one signal for turning left, another for turning right and then another signal for stopping. Letting your child master these three signals is possible when you practice it every day with them.

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