The Importance of A Tool Kit for Your Kid’s Bike

You will find that, indeed, a tool kit will come in handy for your children bike in several instances. Your investment will have its rewards, too, such as during biking tours. You are well-advised to buy a basic bike tool kit together with your children’s bikes.


When Will A Tool Kit Come in Handy for Children’s Bikes?

You shouldn’t wait to buy them when you’re in dire need of them in the following cases:

When your kid’s bike needs repairs in rugged country. You should be able to repair the bike anytime, anywhere. Your child may be unable to ride your bike or to walk to the nearest town miles away otherwise

When the bike needs adjustments to improve its comfort and performance. You or your child may want to make adjustments to any part of the bike, such as the saddle seat. Your child will appreciate the increased comfort and performance, especially on extended tours.


When the bike needs regular maintenance procedures. You can perform most of the maintenance procedures to keep it running in top condition. You will be able to save money on the expensive check-ups and tune-ups in bike shops, too.

The Bottom Line: A complete bike tool kit is a must for children’s bikes! You can teach your kids about the proper way of using each of the tools. You’re teaching them about bike maintenance basics, an important step toward safety in biking.

How Do You Buy a Tool Kit?

You have to consider the type of bike and skill levels of your children when buying a tool kit for their bikes. You can also start building a tool kit starting from the basics and add more tools, as needed. You may also buy a pre-made tool kit from Pedro’s or Park Tool.


Keep these tips in mind, too, so that you can save money yet still get quality tools. You don’t need plenty of tools in a bike tool kit but you have to buy the right kinds. Start with the basic tools (e.g., combination wrenches and multi-tools) and build them up.

You have to avoid impulse buys of trendy tools. Save money by making a checklist of the must-have bike tools and sticking to it

You may also check online resources and ask the experts about these matters. You will find, for example, that many bike tools aren’t suitable for children’s bikes – skip on them. You can also spread out the cost when buying two or three tools at a time

What Are the Must-have Tools?

According to bike experts, these are the must-have basic tools for a children’s bike tool kit. If you have a few of these items for your own bike, you can also use them on your children’s bikes. Just make sure that the sizes fit, too.


Bike Repair Stand

Even the simplest repairs can be done in an easier and faster manner on a bike stand. You may have to spend more on it but it will save time, energy and effort on your part. You can skip on turning a bike upside down and bending over for the repairs.

repairing bicycle


Tools for Routine Maintenance Procedures

You should have these tools necessary for a wide range of routine maintenance procedures. These procedures include cleaning and lubing the chain, changing a flat tire, and replacing brake pads. You can start with these basics.

Organized bike tool shop
  • Allen wrench set with sizes from 1 to 12 millimeters
  • Open end wrenches with sizes from 6 to 17 millimeters
  • Chain lube and cleaner
  • Chain brush
  • Tire levels
  • Tubes and tube patch kit
  • Floor pump with pressure gauge
  • Multi-tool


Tools for Brakes

You should have these tools necessary for a wide range of routine maintenance procedures. These procedures include cleaning and lubing the chain, changing a flat tire, and replacing brake pads. You can start with these basics.

wheel in hand

You should also have tools for brake repairs and adjustments. You can teach the kids about brake pad replacement, a simple task. You can perform bleeding of the hydraulic disc brakes, a more complicated task.

  • Allen wrench set with sizes from 2 to 5 millimeters
  • Open end wrenches from 6 to 12 millimeters
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Rotor truing tool
  • Bleed kit and oil
  • Cleaner, like denatured alcohol
  • Latex gloves and clean rags


Tools for Drivetrains

Your work can include changing the shift and brake cables, adjusting the derailleurs, and replacing a chain.

  • Screwdrivers including flat head and Phillips in several sizes
  • Allen wrench set
  • Torx wrench set
  • Cable cutters
  • Chain pin removal tool
  • Chain pliers
  • Cassette lock ring remover
  • arrow-right
    Chain wear indicator gauge
  • arrow-right
    Chain whip
  • arrow-right
    Dental pick
  • arrow-right
    Adjustable wrench
  • arrow-right
    Bottom bracket tool
  • arrow-right
    Crank arm puller
  • arrow-right
    Pedal wrench


Tools for Wheels

You have to check the wheels for your children’s safety, comfort and performance. These are wheel- specific tools so be sure to invest in them.

  • Truing stand
  • Spoke wrench
  • Cone wrenches
  • Spoke tension gauge
  • Dish tool
  • Tire levers

Of course, you have to place most of these tools in a tool box. You can also put a few essential tools in a handy tool pack for touring purposes. You may also place the tools in saddle packs, panniers and frame bags, among others.

Final Words

The right bike tools should be suitable for the type of bikes that you and your children usually ride on. You can use many, if not, most of the above mentioned tools on adult-sized bikes, too. You will then be able to save on an all-around tool kit for your bike-loving family.

You can refer to the above list in starting your bike tool kit. You don’t have to spend plenty of money for the tools but it pays to invest in high-quality items.

The importance of a tool kit for your kids’ bikes cannot be overemphasized. Your kids’ safety and comfort will be affected by its completeness and proper use. You should teach your kids the proper uses of each tool, too.

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