7 Pro Tips to Improve Your Team's Defense in Basketball

The ability to play solid defense is a crucial part of every basketball player’s game. Solid defense limits your opponent’s scoring ability and create opportunities for your offense. Here then are 7 ways to improve your defense in a basketball game.



Improve Your Defense by Staying out of the Red Zone

This means keeping the ball away from the basket and out of the paint. You must deny your opponents the opportunity to make easy points. Your best bet: Pushing them to the sidelines, corners, and back to half court.

While there are many ways to stay out of the red zone, these tips are the most effective:

Always get and stay between the player with the ball and the basket. You’re denying him with an easy approach to his shot.


Choose an aggressive on-the-ball defensive style, when necessary. You have to be in your defensive stance – eyes on your opponent’s chest and hands active. Your palm nearest the ball should face it while the other hand deflects the shot.


Get The Rebound

This prevents your opponents from getting one too many chances at making a basket. When you allow them several chances at getting the shots, they will eventually make them. You must then move into position and grab the rebound.

When you do, you’re also setting up your next offensive position. Getting the rebound consists of two parts:

  • Predict the direction of the shot as quickly as possible. Over time, you will develop a sense of the direction of a missed shot.
  • Position yourself in the path of the missed shot. Be sure to box out your opponent. You may have to play physical, so to speak, to grab the rebound under the basket.


Deny Passes

This move reduces the opposing team’s scoring chances. Why? Because it prevents them from passing the ball to their best players. You must adopt a man-to-man defensive approach, such as denial defense.

  • Adopt your defensive stance.
  • Position your body between the ball and your opponent.
  • hand-o-right
    Assume the “stop” position. Your body faces both the opponent and the ball in this position. Your arms must be lifted up while your hands make the “stop” sign.

At this position, you should be able to see both the ball and your opponent. You’re in a better position to deflect any pass attempts. You should move with your opponent, too, thus ensuring that you stay between him and the ball.


Have Quick Feet and Good Footwork

This is what coaches mean when they say, “Quick feet!” You shouldn’t only have quick feet but your feet should be in their proper position faster. Your quick feet aren’t enough since good defensive footwork is also a must.

girl basketball game

Here are three exercises that can develop both quick feet and good footwork:

  • Jump ropes are excellent exercises for improving ground contact time.
  • Agility ladders add positional elements to the quick foot contact skills.
  • hand-o-right
    Low box drills are great for improving good defensive footwork.

You will find plenty of drills using these three exercise equipment, too. Be sure to perform warm-up exercises first to reduce your risks for injuries.


Achieve Balance

This way of improving your defense may not involve ball handling but it’s just as important. In defense, being balanced means your torso is always in control. You should be aware of its proper position - always centered on top of your lower body. Whys is it important?

Keep in mind that your ability to stop and go without falling over your feet is a must for good defensive playing. You can become a dominant defender with great balance.

Your sense of balance comes mostly from your hips and core. You must then work on their strength and stability by performing exercises like:

  • X-band walks
  • Lateral band walks
  • hand-o-right
    Side planks
  • hand-o-right
  • hand-o-right
    Lateral squats

Your coach will then recommend cross-training away from the court. Your hip and core exercises will contribute to your better defensive playing.


Man-To-Man Defense

This strategy is one of the most aggressive defensive strategies. You can use it when you’re going up against bulkier players (i.e., you’re shorter but faster).

You can take advantage of your speed, thus, possibly beat your opponents. In this strategy, each defender has to guard a specific offensive player.

You, as the defender, has to follow him wherever he may be on the court. When playing man-to-man defense, you should play with a low-ceiling approach.


You have to avoid being lazy – bobbing up and down, letting your shoulders and head raise. You should instead shuffle while staying low.

The low-ceiling approach provides several benefits. You will have better balance, as well as accelerate and stop faster. You can also improve on your reaction ability, thanks to your good on-the-ball position.


Zone Defense

This defense involves assigning a defender to guard a specific area of the court. You can choose from several types of zone defense including.

  • 2-3 zone defense (2 defenders at free throw line, 3 players close to the basket)
  • 3-2 zone defense (3 defenders above free throw line, 2 players at either side of the basket)
  • hand-o-right
    1-3-1 zone defense (1 defender at top of key, 3 defenders at the free throw lane, 1 defender under the basket)
  • hand-o-right
    1-2-2 zone defense (1 defender above the free throw line, 2 defenders on either side of the free throw line, 2 defenders are close to the basket)

But remember that zone defense isn’t suitable in all cases. It isn’t effective when the opposing team has strong skills in long-range shooting.

In the end, you have to work on three aspects of your game to be the best defensive player.

  • Develop your athletic ability through drills and exercises (i.e., cross training)
  • Learn the best defensive positioning for each situation on court
  • Work harder than you ever did before

Becoming a great defensive player also means working on your offensive game. You will find that offense and defense are just two sides of the coin.

Final Words

As a defensive player, you have to develop several habits that will improve your game. You must recognize your opponents’ offensive actions during the game. You have to play defense with your mind and body, too, from your eyes to your feet.

Indeed, basketball defense may not be as exciting as offense. But when you improve on your defensive game, you will find yourself in a better winning position.

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