Kent Super 20 Boys Bike Review

Kent is a well-known brand. Because of this, it must follow quite obviously that their products are also of top quality. For those parents who want to buy a bike for their boys, the Kent Super 20 Boys Bike is a perfect pick.


This particular bike from Kent isn't a bike for adults but is a specially made bike for children. It can be used by children of all ages as long as the kid knows how to ride a bike. For children who are perhaps too young, this bike is not the best for them.

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For these children, the bike they need is a training bike so that after training they can jump up on this bike with all the confidence in the world.

I bought this bike for my boy as a birthday present and I don't think I've ever seen him happier. This was after a lot of research into the nature of the bike and all the components in it. I did this because I like to know what I'm buying and the nature of its quality.

The bike has truly stood the test of time and in the few months since I bought it and it has remained one of the best bikes around.

The designers truly put every bit of effort into making the bike works, and they succeeded in creating a truly perfect piece of machinery. The details below present this bike in a clearer picture.

Frame Strength






  • The front suspension ensures control
  • Has a quick release clamp
  • Features dual suspension
  • Made of durable material
  • Quality brakes


  • Not so friendly for girls

Key Features


Front Suspension Fork

The bike features a front suspension fork. Every bike must have suspension of some kind on it. The suspension is what enables the bike to absorb shocks and also gives the rider control.

This bike can, therefore, boast of some of the best suspension in all bikes due to the front suspension fork, and the result of this is greater control which ultimately adds up to more safety.


Linear Pull Brakes

Brakes are a fundamental part of the design of any bike. Without brakes bikes would be death machines that are uncontrollable and dangerous. Brakes help the bike to stop at notice and in the process prevent accidents.

The braking technology in this bike is very impressive and is called linear pull. These brakes offer safety on the road under all circumstances.



The bike is made of the best quality material, and the purpose for this is to make the bike durable.

Because the bike is also a boy's bike and boys aren't known for their gentle nature, the bike is made rugged which means it can handle any punishment that is given to it without any complaining. The bike can, therefore, last very long and serve the users well.


Quick Release Clump

The bike has a release clump for the rear wheel. The purpose of this release is to enable the adjustment if the back seat. The seat adjustment procedure is pretty simple and doesn't require any expert knowledge

The importance of seat release is made apparent when the owner of the bike realizes that bikes should be able to accommodate people of different sizes and heights.



The suspension on this bike is handled in a dual manner. That means there are two aspects of the bike which deal with the suspension.

The ability to control suspension in this manner makes the bike easy to handle and more crucially gives the rider all the control in the world to ensure that their bike is their own and doesn't harm them as they are on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the height of the bike?

A: The total height of this kid's bike is a cool thirty-six inches. This height is appropriate for most kids.

Is the bike not too heavy for the average child?

A: Thirty-nine pounds isn't a lot of weight, and the bike is also made of lightweight material that can be taken apart.

Does it have warranty information?

A: Yes, warranty information comes with the bike when you buy it.

Final Words

If in need of a superbike for boys that will leave them feeling happy and more importantly offer protection, then this is the bike you should go for. The bike has been in production for some years now and never have there been any complaints about its performance.

The top notch nature of most of the components stays with the bike for the longest time and the children you buy this bike for will love and cherish it for a long time.

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