Importance to Know the Weather Forecast Before You Go Biking

Have you ever wondered what it is like to bike on good weather? There’s nothing like cruising on a nice and breezy sunny day, around wide and open spaces. Though riding in direct sunlight can be a bit hard on the skin...


It’s certainly better than riding your bike through a storm or a totally cold winter’s day.

Though riding in the sun can be a lot better than anything else, each climate that you experience while on a trail, has its own challenges that you need to overcome, to help your body cope with the frequent change in temperature.

So, if you’re worried that It might never be a perfect day to ride your bike, here are some quick tips on how to beat the changes of weather.

How to Know the Weather While Cycling

Assuming that you have already tried all kinds of weather while cycling, the easiest way to find out how fast the weather is changing, is by looking at the road conditions. The road can tell you all sorts of things about the weather just by looking at it.

Road conditions vary on, and can often be felt through road surface. If you can see that the road is wet, filled with snow, and dry, then it could mean a change in weather. Always make sure that you are aware of potholes as well that can damage your tires.


On very hot days, like summer, tarmac can melt, causing slippery or sticky tar. The dangers of these apply to your tires, because it can get stuck and attract dirt and grit. Always make sure to steer clear of these conditions to protect yourself and your bike from any damages.

Go out and Gear up

It is always better to be prepared for any kind for any kind of weather that you can possibly encounter while on a trip. It is always important that you gear up just in case that there is a rapid change in weather and temperature.

It is advisable to wear a waterproof jacket, gloves and shoes that are water resistant so that you have something to fight against the bad weather.

It is always better to stay prepared, though if you find that the weather is preferably very sunny, then you should be wearing something appropriate for the weather before you go out.

Such as: sunscreen, sunglasses, and a lightweight body suit, to keep you comfortable during the hot weather. During any kind of weather, thermal tights or 3/4s should keep you comfortable and dry for a few hours during your bike ride.

Bike Rentals

Fleece lined shorts are starting to become pretty popular now a day, and can usually be paired with knee or full leg warmers, depending on the condition of the weather temperatures.

As mentioned above, lightweight jackets are a good pick and especially if it is raining out and you are stuck on the road. Lightweight jackets will help you stay warm and help regulate your temperature accurately.

So if you are not sure about going out, you can always decide to wear this, so that you are prepared for any kind of weather.

Invest in Mudguards

Mudguards have been proven to be very useful in times of flimsy weather. From the root word of “mud” obviously, this will protect you from the mud while on the street. It can also keep your lines clean and free of any kind of dirt that you can get into your tires.


If you do not like the feeling of riding in wet weather, the mudguard will help keep your legs dry, and will keep water from splashing up on your back. It is also a good way to keep yourself from getting any forms of mud on your clothing, as these can sometimes be hard to wash off.

Always Remember to be Careful

Even if you are certain that nothing will happen to you during a change in weather, it is always better to keep an eye out for any causes of accident that you can encounter on the road, especially if it is raining and the roads are slippery.

Be sure to ride slowly and watch for any on coming cars, if you cannot see anything through a rainy day, or find it impossible to ride your bike across a snow covered road, be sure to keep cautious so you do not get into an accident.

Be extra careful on sharp curves and tight bends that you have normally been riding smoothly through on a warm and sunny day, there can be possibilities that grit gets stuck on your wheels, and can automatically throw you off your bike before you can even get passed the curve.


Make sure to always check your brakes, brakes are very important especially if the road is slippery and you are going down a hill. The ability to stop on a slippery road will be quite hard, you must secure that your brake surface is free of grit and debris.

There’s a high possibility that your wheels will become covered with it, so if you suspect that it is starting to affect your brakes, stop immediately and wait until the weather gets better.

Brake pads also have high possibilities of getting worn out more in winter than on a summer and rainy day, even though you think that you do not need to check your break pads yet, always make sure that they are working properly. It is also important to make sure that they are clean.

You can clean your pads with a toothbrush or anything that is small enough to clean it, if you think that it needs replacing already, do so before heading out in unknown or hazy weather conditions to avoid from getting into an accident.

Make sure to wear protective gear, even if the weather is nice out. The more safety precautions you take, the more that there are less possibilities of you getting into an accident.

But just to be safe, always wear something that will keep you from getting scratched in case you are thrown off you bike.

Final Words

Even if you are not certain about weather conditions while riding, it is always important to make sure that you have fully prepared and have worn all the necessary garments you need to stay safe and dry.

You can never be too sure about the weather, which is why it is always critical to stay alert and prepared.

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