Mongoose Men’s Fireball SS 26″ Wheel Review

You can’t just buy “a bike” and leave it at that. Bikes nowadays are like cars—they come in many different categories. Some are easy strolling bikes, others are well-designed street bikes to help with errands, there are ultra-quick bikes for tracks, and...


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Mountain bikes can help you when you line nature trails. Then there’s the jumping bike, which is an entirely different beast.

This review of the Mongoose Men’s Fireball SS 26-inch wheel will help you understand what jumping bikes are all about.

What Are Jumping Bikes?

Jumping bikes are a type of mountain bike. However, normally you’ll find that mountain bikes are heavy. They’re built tough to withstand the terrain, and the heavy weight keeps the bike firmly on the ground.

With jumping bikes, you have a ride that lets you go high up in the air. A bike like this is meant for fans of extreme sports. It’s not really meant to be fast, but it’s designed to let you display your skills with gravity-defying stunts.

This means that you need something lightweight so you can hurl it more easily in the air. At the same time, you have to get a really tough bike because you have to land each time, and those jarring landings can be hell on delicate components.

Combining the need for lightweight and yet tough bike parts often result in astronomical bike prices. But the Mongoose Men's Fireball SS 26" Wheel meets all the jumping bike requirements without exceeding your budget.

Frame Strength






  • Very affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Durable and tough for all those landings
  • Easy to maintain control
  • Can be used for more mundane tasks


  • Only comes with a single size
  • No multiple gear

Key Features


Tough Frame

This is a very lightweight frame, and for that reason Mongoose used aluminum which is lighter than regular steel. You can really pull on this hard and it will seem like it wants to get into the air very quickly

At the same time, it’s very tough. It has the Manitou circus Comp 100 mm travel fork that can survive all those landings after you’ve risen high up in the air.

Every component here has been rated for durability. The tires, brakes, handlebars, and drivetrain can handle these multiple impacts with no problem.



When you’re using a bike like this on dirt paths and you keep jumping high and landing, you want to make sure that you keep control of your bike. This isn’t always easy with inferior bikes, as the landings can cause the bike to warp or misalign somewhere.

With the Mongoose Men’s Fireball, you always get the control you need. The alloy 6061 handlebars aren’t fazed by the impacts, and the stem is tough enough to keep you upright and in control.

The brakes are powerful and act very quickly, so you don’t get out of control when you pedal hard to get the momentum you need. If you want to slow down or stop, you absolutely can.


Versatility and Comfort

Yes, it’s possible that you can use this jumping bike for more mundane tasks. You just want to exercise? Go ahead and pedal this for miles to get the cardio workout you need.

You have to buy something from a few blocks away? Take this out and zip through the streets to make your quick purchase. Of course, the high tech parts are wasted if you just use this for all these common tasks.

What’s the point of getting tough and lightweight components if you’re not going to go into the air on a regular basis? The point is that while this is a great jumping bike, it’s not just a jumping bike—you can use it for all biking tasks too.

Because it’s lightweight, you don’t have to lug around a huge and heavy mountain bike through the streets and parking lot.

The seat is comfy enough as well. Of course, your main problem here is that this bike is in just one size, so you can’t get a particular size that fits your height.



If you’ve been around bike fans who like to build their own customized bikes, you’d know that the prices of such bikes can cost thousands of dollars, and that’s just for the frame and fork.

Yet in comparison, the Mongoose Fireball is comparatively affordable. You thankfully don’t have to get into the 4-digit price tag range.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this be used for regular biking chores?

A: Sure you can use this. It’s very easy to use, and some teens can find it fun to use on the streets.

Can you add accessories to this?

A: You can add a kick stand if you want, but again you need to make sure that it’s tough too.

Can you replace the seat?

A: You can also replace the seat if you want something more comfy on lazy strolls around town.

Final Words

The Mongoose Men’s Fireball SS beautifully balances all your needs in a jumping bike. Yes, it offers exciting new ways to ride a bike because it lets you hurl yourself in the air.

But it also offers superb control to keep you safe and the parts are very durable so it can last a long time even after all those hard landings. The price for the bike is also amazingly low, when you compare the price tag with the cost of custom bikes.

If you’re really interested in getting a reliable jumping bike, get the Mongoose Men’s Fireball SS. This bike gives you want you want without breaking your budget.

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