Mongoose Men’s R4726wm Dj-682 Jumping Bike Review

As all of us already know that there are many different kinds of bikes out there. The kind of bike designed depends on the nature of job it will undertake. Jumping bikes are mostly used for extreme sports. These bikes are not like your usual bikes.


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At first, I knew nothing of such bikes and thought that they shouldn't be that different from other kinds of bikes.

I was wrong; these bikes are being designed for the specific purpose of extreme sports, and any user must be aware of this.

This is the reason why reviews such as this one are very important. With these reviews, a prospective buyer can interrogate the bike in as best a way as possible. The features are closely analyzed, and any outlying thing figured out.

The result of this interrogation is the discovery of any flaws and the knowing of the strong points of a bike.

Mongoose Men's R4726wm Dj-682 Jumping Bike like all others has its disadvantages and advantages as well. We will be getting into these from the next section, and it would serve anyone well to read on.

Frame Strength






  • High-quality rubber tires
  • Advanced chain design
  • Sturdy body
  • Steel fork for reliability
  • Easy to handle and maneuver


  • Maintenance of bike can be quite expensive

Key Features


Specialized Bike

As the name suggests, this isn't your normal bike. It can function as a normal bike and indeed has all the features that would make it useful to a person in normal conditions, but it was made specifically to be a jumping bike.

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A jumping bike is a bike that can be used for extreme kinds of sports in which the bike has to be durable enough and a bike to withstand all forces that come its way. This bike is therefore extra fortified to be able to act without giving in even under these extreme circumstances.


Fortified Body

The body of this bike is made to a stronger degree than the bodies of your usual bikes. It being that the bike was built to undertake extreme activities it has to have the capability to handle these activities and still stay strong.

That is why the bike is given extra strength with the metal responsible for the body being metal that is well regarded and is known to provide the best strength in the market.


Lightness and Portability

These two values are vital in helping the rider achieve a comfortable ride. Its lightweight allows you to maneuver the bike in all types of terrains and other spaces.

The body of this bike is light due to the material used in the making of this body. The lightness enables the bike to move at high speeds without causing inconvenience.


Accessories Available

The bike doesn't just come on its own. There are a lot of other components that come with the bike that enable it to function better.

Normally these other components would have to be bought, but since they are available here, these make the functioning of the bike a lot easier. It is important that these accessories be taken care of well if the bike is to reap Maximum benefit from them.


Tires Are Long Lasting

The tire design, first of all, is one of the best around. Everything from the rim to the spokes to the tire set is made from the highest quality materials.

These materials impart life upon the bike and make the wheels last a lot longer. The tire itself also is made from high-quality rubber which guarantees that the tire and bike will last long.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the jumping bike distinguished from other bikes?

A: The jumping bike is made differently from other bikes. The body is stronger for one, and there is also the presence of extra powerful shock absorbing.

Is it advisable to use this bike for normal purposes?

A: Yes, the bike is a jumping bike but can still be used normally.

Does if have recyclable parts?

A: Yes, the components of the bike can be recycled.

Final Word

After going through all those features, a sensible person should be able to tell that all those other bikes which claim superiority over this bike simply isn't up to scratch.

This bike is one of the most impressive jumping bikes that should be bought by anyone interested in those activities which jumping bikes come in handy. I highly recommend it.

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