Motor Tec Mt-Dirt 500 24 Volt Electric Dirt Bike Review

Give your child the right bike that will help them learn how to ride without any challenges. There are so many different types of bikes that are designed for kids right from an early age. Before you make a decision of buying a pedal bike, ensure that your child...


Has full balance by buying them an electric bike. Motor Tec Mt-Dirt 500 24 Volt Electric Dirt Bike is another innovatively designed dirt bike. I bought this dirt bike for my son and I could tell how he enjoys riding with his friends.

One of the best things that I highly appreciate in this bike is the three speed setting. It is easy to determine the speed at which you want your child to ride to avoid accidents and other related injuries when riding.

Find out the best balance bikes for kids

You can also try this bike with your kids, and I’m pretty sure they will love riding such an innovative dirt bike.

Frame Strength






  • Adjustable components
  • Covers a good range of ages for kids
  • Charger included
  • Capable of carrying a good deal of weight
  • Dual brakes


  • Reported issues on poor battery life

Key Features


Advanced Brakes

A dirt bike is as a matter of fact going to present danger to the user at all turns. It is critical for a bike to have safety features to ensure that the rider is safe. This is an aspect which cannot be overlooked.

The dirt bike has an advanced pair of brakes, and there are two of them to be specific, a front brake and a rear brake. These brakes make the bike be able to respond to all kinds of emergencies.


Charger Included

The bike comes with a charger which is a good thing because the battery does need to be charged now and then. This gives the bike the ability to be ridden through different times and situations without giving in.

The bike is essentially like a phone which gives it durability and endurance. It can survive for long.


Padded Seat

The seat of any bike has to be comfortable to ensure that the rider has all the comfort he or she needs while using the bike. It is essentially the most important matter that determines if the bike will be safe for use.

This bike is well made to ensure the best safety by having a padded seat that on top of providing comfort also gives the rider the ultimate regarding safety.


Adjustable Handlebars

The handlebars are the tools that any rider will use to have control of the bike that they are riding. Given the nature of the bike and different preferences that people may have it is important that the bike has handlebars that can be adjusted to fit different modes.

These handlebars are adjustable and can be made to be in different positions as the rider desires


Battery Meter Included

For the bike to be able to track the battery usage and recommend to the rider the level of battery power in the system, the bike has a meter that measures the usage of power in the system and tracks it

Whenever the battery is low, notification is given, and charging can commence before the bike is ready for more use

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the appropriate age of use of this bike?

A: The appropriate age of use of this bike is any age above twelve. Given the nature of the bike, younger children may hurt themselves while using it.

What is the overall weight that the bike can handle?

A: Any weight above a hundred and fifty pounds would present problems for this bike. It is advised that the weight limit be around 150 pounds.

What is the total charging time of the battery?

A: The battery should charge for a total of anywhere between four and six hours for effective use.

Final Verdict

Dirt bikes for kids aren't that common out there. It is, therefore, a very small market. In these small markets, it is still important to know which bike to choose because the differences are still there.

This is the one bike in the market that can virtually guarantee you of total safety and enjoyment for your son and should, therefore, be bought speedily.

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