Nashbar Single Speed 29er Mountain Bike Review

Mountain bikes are a special kind of bicycles that are a bit more advanced than your average bike. They are called mountain bikes because of their ability to have a system that enables then to be regulated and handle mountainous regions well.


It usually takes lots of effort for a normal bike to navigate hilly areas but with a mountain bike all this effort is taken away from the user, and the bike ensures that your navigation of these areas is stress-free and easy.

Nashbar Single Speed 29er Mountain Bike is one if the best that I have ever come across. Most other bikes boast of hosts of features, but this one isn't such a show-off but still delivers the goods.

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I have had an opportunity to use this bike in the kind of terrain it was made for, and the results were spectacular.

I didn't break a lot of sweat trying to find my way through, and the bike held firm for the entire duration if the test.

Frame Strength






  • Lightweight and portable
  • The extra large tires make maneuverability easier
  • Features a good strong fork
  • The breaks have the best technology


  • There is no quick release for the rear wheel

Key Features


Light Frame

The frame of this bike serves it very well because it is one of the lightest out there. The frame features aluminum construction which is lighter than steel and is also more durable.

The light frame means that the bike is easier to ride and side. The frame is also resistant to such issues as corrosion and rusting making it long lasting and good value for money.


Large Tires

The tires on this device are extra large hence why it is called a 29er. At twenty-nine inches someone may think that the tires are simply too large, but there is a good reason for this.

Large tires can navigate through treacherous terrain with ease and also ensure that the rider will have the smoothest of rides because shock is absorbed and not transmitted upwards to the rider. This gives the rider the most comfort they can hope for.


Chromoly Fork

The fork in this bike is located at the front and is made of Chromoly a material that makes it tough and sturdy. A strong fork is vital for any bike. The string fork will make the bike be able to withstand all sorts of shock.

Usually, these shocks are delivered to the bike when the terrain is rough. With this bike, you will never have to worry about such discomfort ever again.


Reliable Brakes

The brakes on a bike have to be at their best because most of the time they are the difference between life and death. Poor or faulty brakes will lead to disastrous incidents of not taken care of.

With this bike, such precautions are unnecessary, as the brakes are made of such quality as to be able to stop the bike in an instant if need be. These brakes guarantee the safety of the rider and the bike as well.


No Need for Gear Maintenance

The keeping of gears of a mountain bike is one of the things that cause most headaches to the owners of these kinds of bikes. If gears aren't taken care of, then almost certainly the bike will give way soon, and great losses will be incurred.

With this bike, the owner will not have to worry about this issue ever again. Special gear design has eliminated the need for gear maintenance and the bike can, therefore, be used without worrying about this nuisance of a task. The bike will, therefore, last longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the type of tire on this bike?

A: The tire is a special tire called wtb nano sport. They are manufactured differently and sold to the bike makers.

What level of maintenance does the bike need?

A: The bike is well made and therefore needs very low maintenance.

What kind of breaks is present in the bike?

A: There are special kinds of breaks called the tektro novela mechanical disc breaks that are used here.

Final Words

The final verdict on this bike is a resoundingly positive one. After a few weeks testing it out, I could find very few major downsides, and even these downsides are those that can be mitigated easily. 

It is a bike that will serve a person interested in outdoor biking very well and will last for very long which isn't something you can say of most bikes. This quality is really what should impress anyone and make them purchase this bike.

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