Northwoods Pomona Women's Dual Suspension Comfort Bike Review

Bikes have come a long way since the days they were originally thought up. For an extended period, advances have taken place which has served to make bikes a lot safer for their users. These advances have also occurred in the area of differentiation of the bikes.


It is well understood that women and men are very different, and they need different types of bikes for easy riding.

Even with this understanding, it still took a long time to get bikes made differently so as to allow women riders the same luxuries that their male counterparts enjoy.

Northwoods Pomona Women's Dual Suspension Comfort Bike is one effort in this direction and a really good bike every female rider should possess.

It is a bike built to accommodate women totally and has features that ensure this is a reality.

I first got this bike as a gift and didn't think much of it till I decided some months later to take it out for a test. I was instantly impressed and at the time if writing this, I have no other bike I trust half as much as this one. Read on to know more about the features it possesses.

Frame Strength






  • Aluminum spokes that are durable and long lasting
  • The sturdy frame that can easily withstand shock
  • Comfortable seat
  • Steel handlebars
  • Twist shifting technology enabled


  • Seat post might be uncomfortable for short people

Key Features


Aluminum Frame

The frame is the body of the bike. It is the largest component and the one that contributes the most to comfort and also ensures that the design of the bike is stable. When designing the frame, it is best to use a metal that is both light as well as being durable.

Light metals include aluminum of which this bike is made of. The aluminum makes the bike very light which transfers to easier riding and comfort. Aluminum also is durable meaning your bike is protected from corrosion and wasting.


Ergo Fit Handlebars

The handlebars to this bike are specially designed to give the rider the best in comfort as well as control. The ergo fit specification ensures that this is true.

The handlebars can also handle shifting using the twist shifters installed on them, as well as being made of steel which is another durable material.


Comfortable Seat

Seats are the part of the bike that perhaps get less scrutiny than they should. Most buyers assume that the comfort of a seat is assured of while most of the time this is hardly the case.

This bike has some of the best seats in the market. The seat is designed to ensure the most comfort to the rider and also to protect him or her health wise. These comfortable seats are the reason why this bike is one of the best for women.


Cruiser Tires

The tires are specially designed and are called cruiser tires. Cruiser tires are very easy to handle and have excellent grip meaning that chances of a rider falling off or skidding while on them are very low. This makes the bike much safer to use and handle especially for women.


Aluminum Spokes

The spokes are the pieces of metal found in the tire. They give the tire balance as well as holding it up and keeping the shape and absorbing the shock of the bike as it moves.

This bike has durable aluminum spokes that are robust and long lasting. The spokes are twenty-six inches in size, and there are thirty-six of them for extra comfort

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any special knowledge to assemble the bike?

A: No, with basic mechanical knowledge the bike can be fixed up in less than fifteen minutes.

What is the weight of the bike?

A: The weight of the bike is thirty-six pounds.

What is the number of gears on this bike?

A: The bike features a total of seven gears in its system.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a bike for all your needs and you are a woman, or perhaps you are looking for a bike that you want to give to a woman you care about then this is your bike.

With all the features that come loaded on this bike, your rides will be the most comfortable and the bike will last longer than most other bikes in the market.

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