3 Most Important Things to Do Before an Off-road Bike Trip

Going on an off road biking adventure can be very exciting and fun. Trail rides have no speed limits, no restrictions, no authorities to slow you down, and no reason for you to be worried when you find yourself falling off your bike.


But, also consider that it is completely different from riding along a smooth road. Whether you would know what to do or not, off road biking requires a lot of endurance and strength; and it would usually be better if you train for it first before you give it a try.

What is an Off Road Trip?

From the word “off road”, this type of biking escapade literally means going off the road. These are places that are usually rocky, or up a mountain somewhere with trails that you can follow, or to put in better terms, riding freely without anyone to stop you.

Off road can be very exhilarating, but very tiring as well, if you do not know what to do or how to train yourself for this trip. Usually bikers will have a trip for this, and they will all ride in an area where the ground is uneven.

Riders like off road better than a traditional road ride, because it challenges your endurance, and at the same time challenges your ability to ride properly without falling off.

It is also a good way to develop your balance, since the ground will be uneven due to rocks, you must maintain a certain balance to get through all the turns, while off road.

what is an off road trip

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Eat Properly

Before any trip, it is always important to get a healthy balance of carbohydrates; protein and healthy fats to make sure that you have enough energy for the trip.

To avoid feeling fatigue and weakness, make sure to munch on healthy food like: biscuits, dried fruit, nuts, and veggies to make sure you are fueled for the day.


Since this will be an off road trip, the demand for carbohydrates will be greater, because it requires more power and endurance. So stock up on carbs like: meat, rice, bread, pasta, or even pizza, just remember to eat more healthy carbohydrates, than carbs found in junk food.


Don’t Worry about Your Speed

Off-road biking is nothing like the normal road cycling, that you would usually include in your routine work out, realistically, off road touring is not about how far you go or how fast you can finish biking through an uneven mountain.

If you are aware of your normal on road mileage, you can cut that in half while going through a bumpy road. Generally, this is all about engaging your entire body and workout out various muscle groups.

Do not worry if you feel sore after, that is very normal. For a person who Is not used to this kind of activity yet, it is completely normal to feel some discomfort, because this activity requires you to put in your entire body and energy.

That is why it is very important to train and make sure that you body is properly conditioned before going out on off road trips.


It will also give you time to gather as much information as you could about the environment, and the conditions of the area, in order to judge your supplies safely. This will give you a rough idea on what kind of equipment you will need on your bike to make sure that your trip is productive.


Always be Self Sufficient

When on an off road trip with family and friends, it is always important that you are self-sufficient. If you are planning to stay at your destination over night, you will not really have that much access to food and water right away.

On the road logistics, will require a little more planning. Make sure to read up on some basic health and hygiene tips while you are out, to ensure that you do you know what to do. These tips can usually be found in books such as survival guides or do it yourself books.

Another item that you should always remember to bring with you on your trips, is water. Water is very critical, without water, you can get very dehydrated and can get weak very quickly.

Also remember that it is best to be prepared for anything, if you must, try to bring medications as well. Always remember to be extra cautious and careful with where you choose to ride your bike.

Some uneven grounds have sharp and pointy rocks that can damage your skin or poke right through you. Be aware of your surroundings and make sure that you do not get hurt.

You can also bring solar chargers, these come in handy for when there are no modern establishments close by. There are a lot of solar chargers that you can buy from gadget stores that are sold at pretty reasonable prices.


Make sure that you are also well stocked on food, aside from water, food is also as equally important as water. Without nutrition, you can loose energy during your trips. If you eventually run out of food, you can make use of your surroundings.

Being self-sufficient means that you can make use of anything around you, and take it to your advantage. If you find yourself in a certain situation that you cannot get out of, it is best to improvise. Going off road is also like camping; you have to live off the land.

Going on a trip means staying for a few days without electricity or chargers to keep your phones alive. Always prepare ahead of time to ensure that while you are out biking, you have all the things that you need to survive a few days in the wilderness with friends.

Final Words

Preparing for an off road trip means fixing equipment and planning for the activity ahead of time to ensure that you have the right supplies.

Be well prepared so that you do not encounter any accidents while on your trip, since off road routes can be pretty dangerous if you do not train for it properly.

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