Pacific Boys Exploit Mountain Bike Review

Mountain bikes are some of the most modern bikes available to kids for them to ride. Children, especially boys, are avid lovers of anything that promises adventure and bikes come very high on that list. The nature of mountain bikes is such that riding is made very easy on the user of the bike.


Different companies manufacture mountain bikes, but it is vital that the bikes be made by only the most reputable companies ever.

The Pacific Boys Exploit Mountain Bike is one of the best mountain bikes in the business, and I should know that because I did buy one of them for my kid a while ago.

While the decision to buy a bike was easy the actual bike to choose took a bit longer to be realized.

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When we finally decided to go for this bike, I still wasn't sure of its abilities but by the end of the first month, I was totally convinced about it. Below are the features which stood out in my opinion.

Frame Strength






  • Superb shape
  • Adjustable seats
  • Shiftable gears
  • Excellent control
  • Improved versions


  • Tough to assemble at home

Key Features


Excellent Geometry

The geometry of a bike refers to the way the bike is designed and whether the bike can be Compatible and handle different kinds of terrain or not. This bike had some of the finest geometry I'd ever seen, and it was immediately one of the things that stood out about it.

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This geometry is what makes the bike streamlined and also makes it safer to use for the child. The good geometry also makes the bike easier to handle.


Excellent Geometry

The control of a bike is the single most important aspect that any buyer of a bike should be looking into. If the control of a bike is off or compromised in any way, then the bike will surely not function well.

This bike has some of the most amazing control features that I know of. These features include a good suspension fork. The control gives the rider a greater sense of security and prevents accidents.


Seat Shifting

The seat can be shifted to different modes to accommodate different kinds of people. Seat shifting is important because the bike is surely going to be used by different people and not just one and all these people will weigh and have heights that do not match.

The shifting allows for the bike to be lowered or raised to accommodate these different specifications as the need may be.


One Piece Mountain Crank

This bike has just one piece mountain crank, and this piece enables the bike to be able to handle a range of gear modes. The crank enables the gears to be shifted between these different modes with ease and give the rider a very easy time.

A bike with gears must have means of changing between different states that is easy and manageable otherwise the bike will be very hard to handle.


Updated Models

The most outstanding thing about this bike is the ability to acquire newer models that are improvements on older models. The makers of the bike discovered that components could be improved upon, and the same bike made even better.

The bike, therefore, has occasional new models come out every so often just to assure the users that the bike is constantly being improved on. The newer models can also be easily found and accessed at online stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any age restrictions with this bike?

A: Yes, the bike should not be used by children below ten years of age as it may harm them.

Are the handlebars to this bike adjustable or not?

A: Sadly, the handlebars are not adjustable.

Does the bike have its kickstand?

A: Yes, the bike has its very own kickstand.

Final Verdict

As far as bikes go, this is an ideal mountain bike to buy for your young male rider. This product may be only a boy's bike which perhaps makes it, not the very best bike out there but it still packs all the features that make bikes good.

The bike has a lot of accessories as well, and replacement parts which are easily available once those on the bike get spoilt. All these advantages make this bike one of the best.

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