How to Practice Basketball with a Partner?

When it comes to basketball, you honestly don’t really need anyone or anything to help you develop the right skills. You may think that basketball is just a simple sport in where you do not have to do much, except shoot the ball into the hoop and then that’s it.


But in reality, it is not like that. There is more to basketball than you think and that includes handling proficiency compared to simple dribbling and shooting. In fact, you may be surprised to know that how you handle your ball on the floor, will determine your ability as a basketball player.

It can make or break your victory as a player especially if you are starting to feel the pressure from other players that can sometimes be rattling if you do not know how to control the feeling.

You also do not need to have a big house, wide-open spaces, or a gym to practice your moves on the court, but you do need basketball drills, which is the number one training tool you will need to succeed at any basketball game.

Another way that you can improve your shots is by practicing with a partner. A friend or family member can make a good opponent especially if they are good at the sport. They can teach you a lot of things and at the same time tell you what is wrong.

practice partner

It will give you that sense of challenge you would normally never get when you are practicing alone. Basketball will get better if and when you notice what you are doing wrong so that you can correct it right away.

Also take note that when you practice with a partner, you need to know the basic fundamentals and incorporate them in your drills every time you practice.

Thankfully, we have supplied you with the right partner drills that you can make use of while you are practicing, so that you can get to know your style a little bit more and find out which angle fits you best.

Basket Ball Partner Drills

First of, before you do anything else on the court, you need to know some basics so that you are better acquainted with the fact that you need to handle the ball properly. These partner drills will be a perfect addition to your training plan after the primary handling of the ball and dribbling drills.

If you are coaching a team, make sure that you ask your players to partner up with another player of the same skill set and size so that they will not have a hard time.

These drills also include proper catching and passing, close-outs on defense, boxing out, and proper shooting. Every time that you will be doing your practice sessions, you can quickly run through these drills at the first part of the training session to condition your players.

This can be very effective if you put this in at least for an hour or two. Since shooting can take up more time, it would be advisable to rotate the players for each practice sessions. Here are some partner drills that you may want to look into:


Partner Passing Drills

When doing these drills, oversee that each partner is at least 14 feet apart from each other and with a ball in hand.

Starting with the right hand, the players will pass each other simultaneously with a right handed “air pass” by pushing and receiving it with the left hand, then quickly transferring it to the right then passing it again to the other player.

This must be a recurring and continuous cycle for both partners, so that they are in sync with one another.

Now we go to the right hand bounce pass. Similar to the right hand pass, which is low post, each player will again pass each other simultaneously, but this time positioned sideways and behind “air passing” and then finally, there’s the back bounce passes.

Partner Passing Drills

Once you have done all of these, all passes must be done again but this time with the left hand. The third and final partner pass will be the two-handed chest pass.

While the partner of the player simultaneously makes the bounce pass, on the other hand, the other player will be doing the two handed overhead pass, while again simultaneously the other player does the chest pass.

Remember that while doing this, you must maintain a good passing accuracy and a good technique for this drill to work appropriately.


Partner 1 on 1

Usually with this particular drill, it has both a defensive and offensive drill. The objective of the defender is to stop the 1 on 1 offense. The player on the offensive end will then charge at the second player and try to beat him on a 1 on 1 game while each player has a ball in hand.

To do this drill correctly, you should use the entire court to your advantage, the partner who is holding the ball should start at the very top of the key and makes a move, or they can use the option to shoot from the outside and score the defender.

Partner 1 on 1

The defender must then try to stop the player who is on the offensive end with a box out rebound.

Final Words

All in all, if you want to improve on your skills while playing basketball, it is always advisable to play with a partner so that you know what you are doing wrong. Also try to do all the drills mentioned above, so that you can get a better feel of how it is to play in a serious basketball game.

Basketball is just one of those sports that is better with a partner, and is recommended that you try playing with someone else like a family member or a friend so that it is more challenging.

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