Razor MX 500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motorcross Bike Review

If you have never heard of razor bikes, then it is the time you got to know about them. They are one of the pioneer makers of dirt bikes. Dirt bikes are like normal bikes, but they have engines and other power sources which make them lots of fun to have and use.


Razor bikes have been in the market for some years, and all of them ooze the best quality you can think of. This is not the only bike from this brand. There are lots of others all connected with the fact that they are superior pieces of machinery that you should not take for granted.

When you buy this bike, you will want to know your way around it and understand more of its components and what to do and not to do about it. This simple review presents information about this bike in a way that is easy to understand.

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This information included most of the important things you need to know about the bike that should be at the forefront whenever you are making a decision about buying any bike. So before you go out and buy it for your son, you must read through to get more information.

Frame Strength






  • Standard model
  • Retractable kickstand
  • Special pneumatic tires
  • Good level motor
  • Comfortable rides assured


  • Not suitable for overweight people

Key Features


Electric Motor

The device that powers this bike is an authentic 500-watt electric motor that comes with adequate power to enable the bike to be used for surprisingly robust tasks.

This bike is specially made to be fun for kids, and all these endowments are to that effect. The motor provided enough power to ensure that the bike can handle different tasks that might get thrown at it.


Authentic Dirt Bike

This might be a bike for children, but that doesn't mean that the bike is a simple bike. It has authentic geometry and frame for a full-fledged dirt bike. This makes the bike one cool tool for the children to use before getting the real bike that can serve them even better.

The authentic frame also means that the bike can handle the same stresses as those that an authentic dirt bike would.


Dual Suspension

The feature that enables this bike to have the ability to provide a smooth and comfortable ride is the presence of dual suspension. The dual suspension gives the bike the ability to handle rough terrain without transmitting the shocks acquired there to the rider.

This gives the bike levels of comfort that are unrivaled in all aspects. It should be one of the main reasons why anyone should go out and buy this bike at all costs.


Pneumatic Tires

The tires of this bike were all not left behind in the making of the bike a true cool bike. They are not your normal tires but true pneumatic tires that can transmit shock through them and dissipate the same to enable the bike to provide a smooth and comfortable ride.

The tires provide safety as well because the shock absorbing prevents accidents from being serious incidents but the comfort provided is the most important thing.


Retractable Kickstand

The kickstand of this bike can be retracted in a simple way. The presence of a kickstand that can be moved back in provided versatility as well as safety in the bike.

The bike is, therefore, able to be used and stopped in an instant. This is an important feature that makes this bike cool.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recommended age of use?

A: The rider shouldn't be more than 14 years old.

What are the maximum speeds that can be achieved?

A: The maximum speeds that can be reached with this bike are upwards of 15 mph.

Does the bike have weight limits?

A: Yes, the bike cannot carry weights above 175 pounds. These weights would damage the bike.

Final Verdict

Bikes come and go, but it rarely gets any better than this. Dirt bikes especially are very notorious for being hard to figure out regarding quality, but you need not worry about such trivial matters here.

This bike is pure quality, and it shows in all the components and the way it is put together. After purchasing this bike, you will understand how awesome and cool it is. It is not enough to read about it, but a user must learn more about the bike before buying it.​

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