Razor MX 650 Dirt Rocket Electric Motorcross Bike Review

The razor brand of dirt bikes is some of the well-regarded bikes in the market, and they provide you with better quality bikes for your kids. Regarding quality, there are very few bikes that can claim the superiority of these bikes.


They are primarily the only dirt bikes for kids that will be able to satisfy their curiosity and guarantee safety while being used.

These bikes also come made from one of the most well-liked brands in the market and because there are so many other kinds of bikes from this same manufacturer.

I got the Razor MX 650 Dirt Rocket Electric Motorcross a few months ago just to see how it would work because I had heard a few things about it which were mostly positive.

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I wanted to see this bike for myself and perhaps see if the things said about it were true. I need not have worried for this bike proved true and even did better in my analysis of it than anything I had read about it.

I know more about the bike now, and all this information I can now put to use in informing others about how good the bike is.

Frame Strength






  • Variable speed
  • Powerful motor
  • Dual suspension
  • Robust tires


  • A bit expensive considering the specifications

Key Features


Manageable Speed

The issues with dirt bikes usually have to revolve around the speed of the bike. For kids, it is very important that the speed of any device be manageable. If the speed that can be achieved is too high, the result can be catastrophic as is also the case with speeds that are too low.

In the end, it is important to have a speed that is good without being too quick. This bike has a top speed of 17 miles per hour which is good enough.


650-Watt Motor

The motor is the device that powers this bike at all times. It is paramount that the.motor be powerful enough to give the bike adequate power.

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This motor is a total of 650 Watts, which is more powerful than that of other similar dirt bikes and also gives the bike the ability to run for longer at minimal cost. The presence of this motor assures of the bike being powerful and fast enough.


Adequate Suspension

The suspension is one of the most fundamental aspects of any bike system. It is important that a bike has good suspension if it is to handle shocks and provide comfort.

This bike has some of the best suspension in the market. It is dual suspension which means the bike can handle any kinds of shocks easily. This suspension is hard to find in most other bikes and makes this bike stand out from the rest.


Maximum Power Transfer

Power transfer is essential to the proper functioning of any bike. The power transfer system needs to be good to enable the system to handle different levels of power use for the bike.

It is essentials therefore that maximum power should be remitted to the system this bike does just that and gives the user adequate coverage.


Variable Speed

The maximum speed of this bike might be 17 Miles, but that doesn't mean that this is the only speed achievable. There are other speeds that can be achieved as well.

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This gives the bike variety, it can either be ridden fast or slow depending on the preferences of the owner. This makes the bike very good to have and easy to regulate which ensures the preventing of horrible situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty on the bike?

A: The warranty provided for this bike is ninety days for the whole components of the bike.

What is the nature of the motor of the bike?

A: Chain driven motor powers the bike.

What is the weight limit?

A: Weight limit is 220 pounds a reasonable weight for any bike. Many other bikes can carry a maximum weight that is far less than this weight. This bike is therefore very good for heavy work.

Final Words

The bike is meant for children and as with all things for children, safety must come first. You need not be worried about this bike; your child will be most safe using it.

And they will enjoy a whole lot because of all the features packed into it. Buy it for people you actually love as a way to show them how you love them and appreciate them in your life. They will not regret it and you will not forget it.

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