Razor Nebula BMX Freestyle Bike Review

Let your child enjoy pulling different moves with the Razor Nebula BMX Freestyle Bike. This is one of the best bikes in the range of freestyle BMX bikes. The bike is primarily designed for practicing and performing freestyle tricks, but it's also suitable for long distance tours.


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​The design is super secure, and therefore, all features are made to work together for the provision of excellent service. It isn't easy to find a bike that combines both efficiency and safety in one package.

Being a kids' bike is also one of the other major points that you have to know about this bike. Kids' bikes differ from adult bikes in some ways. Their design is different as it allows the bikes to be used safely by kids and is also manageable regarding height and weight.

This is one of the primary reasons you need to get your child a kids' bike instead of a bike for adults. They will appreciate it. I got this bike for my kid so I know how they will feel if they have one of these. The smile and appreciation are the best part of it.

Frame Strength






  • Has extra components not found in other bikes
  • Reputable brand
  • High Quality body parts
  • Has two sets of brakes
  • Special seat clamp in the rear wheel


  • The chain comes loose now and then

Key Features


Steel Frame

The frame comprises of the biggest component of the whole bike, and it is made of steel. Steel is a very useful kind of metal that is a combination of iron and carbon.

The Carbon adds strength to the iron and therefore makes the resulting mixture very durable. Iron also makes the steel retain its metallic properties and as a result of this, steel is a combination of the best parts of carbon and iron.

All these properties are transferred to the frame of the bike making it strong.

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Large Wheels

The razor nebula has larger than average wheels that give the bike a lot of advantage when it comes to matters of navigation.

Large wheels make sure the bike will not be stuck in tough places and makes the bike travel at faster speeds on these kinds of surfaces. This is a unique achievement among children's bikes.

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Two Brake Sets

The bike features two sets of brakes, one for the rear and the other for the front part. The significance of two brakes is seen in the fact that two brakes give the bike a lot of extra control.

There will be no chance of accidents or other preventable incidents with these reliable brakes. They do a better job than any single brake ever will.


Special Seat Clamp

The bike has a special seat clamp in the rear wheel that enables the changing of the height of the sear. This gives the seat adjustable nature and makes it able to be used by children who are of different sizes.

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This makes the bike versatile and useful for some different passengers who might wish to use it.


Rotor Included

Another important component that is part of this bike is the rotor. The rotor does functions that no other part of the bike would do. The rotor is an additional component that isn't to be found on most other bikes.

This makes this bike a bit special because it has a part on it that enables it to perform functions that other normal bikes wouldn't be able to perform. Bikes that have advantages like this one are not to be taken lightly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the precise weight of the bike excluding all extras?

A: The weight of the actual bike is 37.9 pounds which make it light enough to be portable.

What is the country of origin of the bike?

A: The bike is made in China.

Is there any difficulty in the assembly process of this bike?

A: No, the bike is very easy to assemble and needs no specialized knowledge. The manual is everything someone needs to put it together.

Final Verdict

The bike is a bike like no other. The world of kids' bikes is notoriously competitive, and you may find it quite difficult to find the perfect bike for your needs

 Also, it may be impossible to tell different bikes from each other, and the problem is compounded further by the bikes looking almost similar. This bike is one of the best, and you should go for it

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