How to Choose the Right Biking Gloves for Your Kids?

Does your kid wear gloves when going out for a bike ride? Have you thought about getting them a pair of gloves? Purchasing a pair of biking gloves for your child will come in handy for when your child starts to go on long rides.


Kids like to mimic whatever they see their parents wearing especially if you have been quite a good role model to your children.

If you are the type of parent that likes to go out biking and you do it all the time, chances are that your child has seen you wearing gloves, and they would very much love the idea if you got them a pair as well, so that they can feel like a professional. 

This is a good way to motivate your child into biking more often, and it can also be a very good gesture to give your child.

You also have to keep in mind, that even if you do not like going out on bike rides, if your child does it more than twice in a day, then chances are that they can develop blisters, and other hand injuries without gloves, that is why it is important to have them get used to the idea of wearing gloves.

If you do not know how to pick the right pair of gloves for your kids, here are 5 things that you must remember before you consider choosing:

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Before you choose anything, you always have to make sure that the quality is always at its best. If the gloves are not in good quality, there is a tendency that it can become brittle and the fabric can come off quickly, that will make it irritating for your kid’s hands.

Always make sure to test out the gloves by touching the fabric; if it feels soft and smooth, then the gloves are in good quality.


Of course, if you do not know how to check the quality, you can always ask one of the sales attendants, if the quality is good. That way you save your child from any burns or irritation.



Make sure that it fits your child well. There are a lot of gloves out there that you can buy that fits all sizes of hand, make sure that when you buy the gloves, it fits just right on your kids, and there are no spaces in between fingers or at the very top part so that it does not come off or slip of your child’s hand.



No Zippers

Make sure that you do not buy anything with zippers, because this can wound your child’s fingers. Buy something that can be strapped and removed via a Velcro straps so that it is easier on your child to take off.



Know Kids' Choice

Get something that your child will like. When you choose gloves, it is also important that you take your child with you when looking for a pair of gloves.


Considering your child’s wants is important for them, but they can pick anything they see is attractive in their eyes, make sure that you aid them so that they do not buy anything too expensive or something that will not fit their hands perfectly.


Take a Look at the Bike Too

When choosing a pair of gloves; make sure that it is for the right kind of bike. This is also important because there are gloves that can be too soft or too hard, and made for different kinds of bikes.


Make sure that you ask someone for a recommendation on biking gloves, so you can get the best one for your kid.

Best Gloves to Buy for Your Children

There are two basic styles of gloves that you can buy for your children; one is the fingerless gloves and the full finger gloves. For kids, it is better to get them the fingerless kind of gloves, because they need to be able to grip their handlebars properly. Here are some gloves that you may want to consider looking into:


Aero Tech Designs

This brand is quite popular for kids cycling gear. They not only sell gloves, but they also sell clothing. The ATD half finger gloves come in a lot of vibrant colors that will make it more attractive for your kids.


They have a reflective safety strip and come in 4 sizes for kids aged from 1 – 10 years old. This is the best choice for you to get if your child has a very colorful bike.


Woom Bike Gloves

These gloves have a full fingered designed and comes in a lot of beautiful bright colors that make them feel like grown up mountain bike gloves.


It also comes in various sizes for all kinds of ages. So if you are going out on a bike ride, you can bring your child with you, and he will feel special and more motivated to go out biking because you have matching gloves.



These gloves have fingerless design, and is made for kids who are a lot younger from 1 -5 years old. They come in a lot of designs, and have a lot of cute printed designs that will make your kids excited to use them all the time. It usually comes in 3 sizes only.



Louis Garneau JR Ride Gloves

If you are looking for something simple for your child, these are the best to get. It has a fingerless design, and prevents crashes and offers high-end protection for your child. It comes in four sizes for kid’s aged 6 -13 years old.

Louis Garneau JR Ride Gloves

Final Words

If you want your child to be well protected, it is best to get them gloves as well along with their biking gear, so that you can guarantee that their fingers are free from blisters and scratches.

It is always important that you find the right kind of gloves for your kids, and it fits well so that your child does not have a hard time riding their bikes.

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