The Right Way to Ride in a Bike Lane

While walking, there’s a huge possibility that at some point, you have seen cyclists moving around from one place to another. You may see them either on the sidewalk or on the road where there are many fast cars.


While they are on the road, there are some cyclists that do not have any clear direction, and would often leave you wondering where they will go next.

No one can really tell where they are going, or what they are about to do because they do not follow proper road courtesy. So…while riding your bike, it is always important to make sure that you are in the correct lane.​

Otherwise, some drivers will get confused, and you can end up in an accident at the wrong time. That is why there are bike lanes - so that you can use it to your advantage while you are on your way to work, or just going out for a ride and on your way to the park.​


Bike lanes have proper designations for those who want to go fast and for those who are not in a hurry, and just enjoying their time strolling around the city. It is always important for you to follow these, so that pedestrians or other cyclists know what you are doing.

How to Ride in Bike Lanes?

if you haven’t already noticed, there are a lot of designated areas for each activity that can be done outdoors, like jogging lanes, lanes for walking and etc.

These paths are put there for a reason so that people will not have a hard time trying to look for a space that they can make use of while they do their planned activities.

In some cities, they usually put in a multi use path for cyclists, and more and more people start to make use of them everyday, especially if they are on their way to work or in a hurry to go to a social gathering with friends at the park.​

Overcrowding a bike lane is not advisable and most definitely not proper or polite. Because there are lots of people who are in a hurry at times, they do not remember that they need to steer clear from the person who is riding the bike.​


So the question that you might be asking is, how can I ride on bike lanes properly and how can I show respect for other cyclists? It is actually very simple, there are signs placed on the bike lane to indicate which part of the lanes are for walking, passing by, and for go at a certain speed.​

It is always very important that you follow the rules so that every one can live in harmony with one another, because not all cyclists will be the only one on those pedestrian walks, there are also other cyclists that will be making use of it. So, always make sure to give the right of way to others.

Check Your Cycle Equipment

Before you even think about going out and where to use your bike, you always have to remember to check all your cycle equipment before heading out for a ride on the bike lane, or around the city.

One simple screw up from your bike can cause an accident. You must always check the following before you go out:



Your breaks are the most crucial part of your bike aside from everything else holding it in place. Always check if your breaks are clean and are properly aligned with all the necessary wiring for it to work properly. Try testing it out first in an area that is safe and with no cars


The brake is connected to the back and front wheel and is usually connected by a wire to the brake handle. Squeeze the handle so that you can see that it is properly working. If your brakes are not seen on the handle bar, check your pedals to see if they work properly.


Tire Air Pressure

Make sure that the tire pressure in your tires is filled up correctly. Secure that there is air and that there are no holes in the tubing inside the tire.


You can check by taking it out of the actual tire and rubbing it softly to check if it has any holes. Do not patch it up, because that could be worse and could damage the material.



The chains are also another crucial item on your bike that you need to check before you head out. Make sure that it is clean and free of any rocks or debris and it is able to turn while with no problems.


The chains can become greasy and dirty too, its ok to spray it with WD40 so that the chains do not become too rusty.

Once you have successfully checked everything that you need to check for your bike to run smoothly, make sure that you also pay attention to any things on the road that can damage your bike, like: broken glass, sharp rocks, or nails. These items can damage your tires severely.

How to Ride Safely

Riding your bike on the road is like driving a car; you must also pay attention to the road signs and stop lights to ensure that a car does not hit you. The right way is to always make the right hand signals and install lighting on your bike promptly so that it is easy for oncoming traffic to see you.

Waving helps, if you cannot make eye contact with the driver in front of you or beside you, indicate that you are about to turn by sticking out your hand and wave at them with your hand to signal that you are turning.


Since you do not have side mirrors, you have the option to install some on your bike, or you can look behind you.

Always make sure that you do not occupy the middle lane when riding your bike, because cars are faster on this lane. Always make sure that you stay on the bike lane, if there is no bike lane, stay away from traffic as much as possible by staying on the sides.

Final Words

Riding a bike is a fun past-time, but you also have to make sure and be aware of the rules and regulations for riding on the bike lane, or on the sidewalk. Always follow rules and regulations to ensure your safety as well as that of others.

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