Royal Baby Kids BMX Freestyle Bike Review

Have you ever watched professional bike riders do magic with their BMX bikes? BMX bikes are some of the freestyle bikes on the market that can give you the opportunity to try out different moves once you are trained to handle them.


Kids are not left behind; you can still give them the feeling of riding a BMX bike by buying them the Royal Baby Kids BMX Freestyle Bike.

The royal baby BMX was made with quality in mind, and if you don't believe that then you only need to get your hands on one so that you can fully appreciate the effort put into making the bike.

This bike comes with amazing features that every child will love. I remember when I first bought this bike for my young rider, he could not spend a day without taking a ride. 

He now spends more time outdoors exploring with his bike and he has also learned a lot of other skills as well. You can also give your little one the opportunity to enjoy riding by buying them this Freestyle bike.

Frame Strength






  • Different sizes
  • Multiple color
  • Solid Aluminum-Built Frame
  • Different versions for boys and girls
  • Adjustable components
  • thumbs-o-up
    Quality materials


  • Hard to find some replacement components

Key Features


Male and Female Versions

These bikes are very conscious, and that is why the makers thought it would be good to have the bikes come in both boys and girls versions.

Boys and girls have different anatomies, and it would be unfair to include them all in one kind of bike. This bike is made with special modifications for each gender to accommodate them well and prevent discomfort.


Five Colors

The bike is made in a range of colors, five to be exact. The presence of all these colors makes the bike not only attractive but also easy to handle.

The range of colors will, of course, appeal to the boys and girls in different ways which increase the sales of the bikes. These colors also act to prevent the body of the bike from being exposed to the atmosphere and corrosion.


Different Models

The models are made for different sizes of kids. The assumption usually is that the kids who ride these bikes are all the same, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Kids vary in height and weight, and it matters much that the kid is on the correct bike. These bikes come in different sizes medium small and large to give kids variety.


Different Models

Another very important consideration is that of seat height. Seat height should be determined by the height of the child in question.

It will not do to have a bike of which the seat is not adjustable because the bike will not be able to carry people of certain heights. The adjusting of the seat gives the bike versatility and also make the bike more popular.


Chromoly Frame

The frame of this bike is like your standard bike frame which means the bike can withstand the same levels of shock that a bigger bike would be able to go through too

The bike has a well-made Chromoly steel frame that works to prevent the bike from causing harm and injury to the rider. With this frame safety at all times is assured. The frame will also not rust, which makes it a very long lasting frame.

Frequently Asked Questions

How good are the tires of this bike?

A: The tires are u baby extra strong pneumatic tires which are just an indication of how good the tires are.

What makes the handlebar special on the bikes?

A: The handlebar is of adjustable height.

What is the nature of the stabilizer?

A: The stabilizers are heavy duty and removable and adjustable to any degree.

Final Words

The bike is a true revelation that should be hailed for its revolutionary design and comfort features that are to die for.

My son used this bike number of months now and never even once have we experienced any mechanical problems apart from the usual ones. It is a bike I would recommend to anyone with kids.

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