State Bicycle Co Pulsar Single Speed 29er Mountain Bike Review

This is a bicycle that comes from a reputable brand that is known in the business of bicycle making. Having a bicycle by a popular brand is one of the most important things in this life. Buyers like me want to know that the bicycle they are riding is well made and is a quality purchase.


One way to be assured of this is through the presence of a reputable brand name on the bike. The brand name gives assurance that the product was made in the best way possible and that ultimate care was taken in ensuring that the bike is of good quality.

A brand name also gives the buyers a place to run to when the device malfunctions in any way. With a solid brand name issues such as warranty are easily resolved.

This is why the State Bicycle Co pulsar single speed 29er mountain Bike is highly regarded. Below are the features that this product has that make it stand out.

Frame Strength






  • Alloy components
  • Steel frame to prevent rusting
  • The bike has different modes of operation
  • Larger than average wheels
  • Well constructed spokes and rims


  • Large wheels might be a bit of a chore to handle in fair terrain

Key Features


Larger than Average Wheels

Wheel size is an important determinant like a bike. Even among cars, bigger wheels correspond to the better ability to maneuver the car through tough and rough places.

It is an important pointer to the ability of the bike if it has large wheels. This bike has twenty-nine-inch wheels which are much larger than your average wheels. They give it an advantage in maneuvering terrain.


Easy Conversion to Geared System

This is mountain bike that is the single system, but that also can be converted to a geared mode easily. The geared mode allows for cruising, but it has lesser control, so in the end, it all is some trade off.

This ability to change between the different modes on offer makes the bike handy and a suitable companion.


Advanced Level Wheels

The design of the wheels says a lot about the nature of the bike. The wheels have to be well made if the bike is to achieve a status of prestige that is unmatched.

These wheels provide this level of comfort to the user, and there is no fear of the wheels causing accidents or not being able to endure when the road gets rough and tough.

These wheels will give excellent service to the user of the bike regardless of the nature of the road they are on.


Expertly Designed Components

The main components of any bike include the gear system and the body which includes both the frames and the front part and the back part. This bike has all these parts so well designed that it can compete with most other bikes in the market that cost much more.


Rust Proof

The components are also made of a material that can easily withstand rust. Steel is a mixture of two metals and the presence of these metals makes the steel be able to handle rusting and other forms of corrosion quickly.

The same goes for aluminum which may not be an alloy but is inert enough to be able to withstand all forms of rusting.

All these are the .metals that are used in designing of the different parts of this bike. Therefore rusting and corrosion is curtailed before they can cause harm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the wheels of the bike add any extra weight?

A: Yes, the wheels do lead to increased weight, but not by large factors and the advantages of the large wheels far outweigh the disadvantages.

Does the bike have a warranty?

A: Yes, there is a warranty on some components of the bike but not all.

Can the bike be compared to other larger than average tire bikes?

A: Yes, this bike is comparable and does better than some of these other bikes in the market.

Final Verdict

As far as bikes are concerned, there is little to complain about in this product. It is well made, and the result is that the product satisfies at all times.

It is made by a reputable company that reassures us that total care is given to the making of the bike to its highest quality. I highly recommend this product.

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