Strider 12 Classic Balance Bike Review

Children's bikes come in different styles and model. As a parent, the most vital thing is buying a perfect bike for your kid. In this case, you cannot ignore the importance of having the Strider 12 Classic Balance Bike.


Some people might question the importance of this balance bike seeing as they will only be used for a short period before the child has to graduate to a more normal bike. But these people would be ignoring the fact that children have to be taught about these matters in a progressive manner.

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This bike introduces the concept of riding gently and in a way that kids will find most comfortable. The bike is as safe as bikes come because it is made to be used by kids and as we all know these bikes that are made for kids have to be the safest bikes out there.

Strider brand is not just any other company that dabbles in the business of making bikes. They have been doing this for a good period with all the expertise they can get.

It is a great company when it comes to the making of bikes and also ensures that the bike made is safe for your child. There are features to be known about this bike, and these features are discussed in detail below.


Frame Strength








  • No Padals
  • Good for beginers
  • The construction is simple
  • Comfortable Seat
  • Long term warranty


  • The seat may be too short for older boys

Key Features


No Pedals

As you'd expect from a training bike, this bike features no pedals. The aim of this bike isn't to be ridden but rather to provide the child with a platform to learn about balance in a way that is similar to the way a bike functions.

The lack of pedals means that there is no safety concern while the child is on the bike and the child can ride to his or her content.


Mastering of Riding

As I said before, this bike is one of the best training bikes. Its main purpose is to teach the kids how to master riding and that purpose it does well. There are very few bikes that can claim to offer the same level of attention to detail as this bike can.

With this bike, your child will claim mastery of the process of riding in the shortest time possible, and they will soon be moving on to bigger bikes.


Simple Construction

Construction of a bike is the most important aspect of any bike. It is fundamental that the bike maker knows more about his bike to ensure that the users will be served with the best bike when they go out to buy it.

This bike is designed in a simple enough manner such that fitting it and learning how to use it are made easy. The child will truly appreciate this bike.


Toddler Seat

The seat of the bike is a special toddler seat. What this means is that the seat is made just for toddlers. This gives the seat a lot of advanced features and modes which make it comfortable for any child.

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The design of a seat for s child is important, and the seat is made to ensure that the child is safe while riding the bike.



The presence of warranty is always an indicator of the level of commitment to the product by the makers. With this bike, the level of warranty is a cool two years.

Two years of warranty gives the user the best chance to know about how his bike works without worrying about issues of fixing broken bits of the bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the packing of the bike a discreet affair?

A: No, the image of the bike is present on the box of packing.

Is the model light enough for children to carry?

A: Yes, the model is very light and can be carried easily.

What material are the tires made of?

A: The tires aren't air tires, they are made of a special layer of foam.

Final Verdict

This is one of the best training bikes that I have ever come across. Usually, training bikes don't impress me much, but this bike truly had me awed. It is beautifully made and not just its components, but it's exterior as well.

It is a bike I would get for any kid out there who needs to learn more about how to ride a bike in a safe and stress-free manner. I would highly advise any parents to buy this bike for their children.

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