Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike Review

When you go out to purchase a bike, you will come across a variety of different bikes: mountain bikes, country bikes, and road bikes. All these different kinds of bikes exist for various purposes. Manufacturers understand that bikes need to be used for purposes that are not always similar.


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It is therefore not the cleverest of things to have bikes similar that is why they differentiate them. With that having been said this particular bike is a road bike. It is specially made for long journeys that require endurance and skill.

It can be used for races easily and has features that support all these. Getting the best bike on the market should be the desire of every buyer. For that matter, the Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike is a product of outstanding make and performance.

I have used this bike on some occasions and on each of these occasions I have never had reason to doubt the quality. Read on to know more of the features.​

Frame Strength






  • Advance design spokes and rims
  • Durable and reliable tires
  • Has some accessories
  • Durable main body
  • The fork is made of pure steel


  • The steering wheel isn't the longest lasting

Key Features


Commuter Road Bike

The standard designation of this bike is that of a road bike that is also a commuter bike. This makes this bike very useful for all manner of travel and hiking. It is this designation that makes this bike useful for road trips or even competitions over long distances.

As long as the activity in question is one that involves the movement over long distances in relatively flat terrain, then this bike will be good for you.


Rear Hub Versatility

The rear hub features a special feature called a flip flop. The flip flop feature is the one that makes the bike able to change from fixed gear to freewheel.

These two options are provided and made possible by the nature of the rear wheel. This makes this bike very versatile and useful in more than one function.


Tig Welded Steel Frame

The frame is made of durable tig welded steel that makes it very strong as well as durable. The durability and strength of the frame give the bike ability to be used widely. In addition to the frame, the fork is also made of pure steel.

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Having the fork be made of steel confers the same advantages of durability and toughness to the fork as well. This means the bike will last long.


Side Pull Brake

The mechanism by which the brake is engaged on this bike is the newer and more preferable side pull.

Side pull gives advantages that aren't to be found in most other braking systems including ease of engaging the braking which should come in handy when the situation presented is an emergency.


Alloy Rims

The rim area is also not forgotten when it comes to the design of the bike. The rims give the tire shape and must also be able to handle shocks and roughness that will come in the course of the life of the bike.

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The rims on this bike are made of special alloy material which does well to combine all the desirable elements of the original metals and do away with the disadvantages for more control and comfort of the rider.

Frequently Asked Questions

What tools are needed for assembling the bike?

A: You only need the wrench to help in putting everything together.

What is the top speed of the bike?

A: The top speed depends on some things including the weight of the rider but more on how fast the rider is pedaling the bike.

Is backpedaling supported?

A: Backpedaling on fixed gear mode is supported.

Final Words

As far as road bikes go, there are very few better than this. It isn't a perfect bike, none of those exist, but in its humble nature it serves up perfect riding.

Users will appreciate how speedy this bike is and will not want to part with it once they have it. I highly recommend this bike especially to experienced cyclist kind of people who want to take their skills to the next level.

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